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Sweating to the Bogeys
By Kickntrue on 7/21/09
Here is a special story complements of Von Nikoo, an oobgolf user with a CRAZY story. I actually approached Von after seeing a comment he made in a recent post about losing a ton of weight because he uses his income to golf instead of eat. As ridiculous as it sounds, it seems to be true (with before and after photos to prove it. Without further ado, Von Kikoo. Make him feel loved in the comments!

Sweating To The Bogeys (His title, not ours.)

When it comes to body mass, ours is a contradictory nation. We are notoriously and consistently one of the more overweight countries in the world, and yet we simultaneously obsess over losing weight and looking attractive, while steadfastly insisting that there is a correlation between the two. We get sucked into predatory gym membership contracts, we buy nonsensical equipment from late night infomercials, we adopt fad diets and some even go the length of skipping or regurgitating meals, all in an effort to lose weight.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have it all figured out, but if there is one area where I've absolutely triumphed it's been shedding needless pounds while doing what I love: golfing.
Last December my office coordinated a contest to see who could lose the most weight in two months. I won't bore you with the details of the contest but I was able to handedly win by going from 197 lbs to my early college weight of 170 (it was slightly excessive, considering the runner up only lost nine lbs). Now, considering the average temperature in Philadelphia during the extent of the competition was around 36 degrees, there wasn't a whole lot of golf to be played. What I did learn, however, was that you don't require a cardio-heavy exercise regimen to lose weight and fast-paced walking is more effective exercise than running, especially if your shins start barking at you after two miles of jogging. All you need is three to four moderately portioned meals per day, a ton of tap water, a reduction or elimination of alcohol intake, a few push-ups here and there, and about 1.5 miles of daily, purposeful walking.

Since the end of the contest I've relaxed my diet and alcohol restrictions while playing much more golf as the weather came around and what I discovered was that the weight and fat continued to melt. Now, considering I'm not even within shouting distance of financial stability, paying cart fees has been totally out the window and I've had to take extraordinary efforts to cut out needless expenses (which primarily involved supplementing the supermarket with the dollar store) in order to play more golf and thus burn more fat. I'm not certain how many rounds of golf I've played so far this year, but there are at least 30 scorecards floating around my apartment, and I do know that only two rounds this season have been played in a cart. That's only the tip of the iceberg, however, as I've discovered that my local muni does not mind me walking on after 7:30pm and playing without fee, which usually translates into five to nine casual holes and some chipping practice. I've done this at least three nights a week over the past five months, so the actual number of rounds I've walked this year has been closer to 60 or so without having to break the bank.

As for the actual workout you're getting when you walk a round of golf, ignore the yardage on the scorecard - that's only half the story. In reality, you don't simply walk from the tee to the green: if you play like I do you have to pace back and forth around fairways, in and out of bunkers, and occasionally take a few minutes scouring the trees for wayward drives. There are uphill greens to scale, downward sloping fairways to sprint, and sometimes more than ample space between holes to catch up to the rest of your group that chose to ride. When it's all said and done, walking a 6,000 yard course is in closer kinship of hiking than walking.

When I last weighed myself I was down to 153 lbs, which puts me at 44 pounds lost since last December. A couple visits to the doctor and blood work confirmed that it wasn't a parasite or virus to thank, but rather living in abject poverty and my love for golf. So if you're fending off a beer gut or just looking to save some bank, next time your buddies are loading the clubs and cold ones into the cart, simply strap up the bag, lace up the Footjoys, and make golf an actual sport rather than sedentary diversion.

* If you think you have a crazy/awesome story to tell- feel free to email it to me ( We may just use it.

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jjgibb0 says:
The key to all this is the alcohol intake. I promise you he was drinking at least a sixer a day before the contest.
Kickntrue says:
@jjgib0- A sixer a day? That's a lot. Maybe 1 or 2 on "average" with there being some 0's and some 6's along the way, but no way he was drinking 6 a day. I'm sure it matters to the equation some- but you can't just stop drinking and lose weight. I'm going with the golf.
Ben Crane says:
If he'd shave his head again like the "before" picture he could drop another 12 ounces. Inspiring story Von. Congrats on the fringe benefit of playing so much golf.
oobscott2 says:
good call on walking. i almost always walk, and it's good exercise.
me and hokie003 walked 64 holes at Blacksburg CC in one day a few weeks ago (a course record we believe).
props123 says:
oobscott2 I couldn't agree more. I have been golfing a lot this year and adding 90 minutes of walking on top of it every day since May. I have lost 24 pounds. I attribute it to walking and golfing. I have not changed my other habits. I golf (walking and carrying my bag) about 3 times a week. I walk 90 minutes about 6 days a week. I have 28 more pounds to go.
SingleDigits says:
Hey, Von Nikoo. Great story & way to take those pounds off. I see you carry Callaway's Warbird golf bag. You should send your story to Callaway. Maybe they'll hook you up with some new clubs or something.
Les Page says:
August 2007, 5'7" and 252 pounds, 48" waist. Enough was enough. I called Jenny. I play 3 times a week on average and started walking instead of riding. May 2008, 172 pounds, 34" waist, still 5'7", oh well two out of three ain't bad. June 2008, off Jenny with the valuable lesson of proper portions of food intake. Today, 172 pounds, walking three rounds a week except for Tournaments, usually Scrambles and no choice. What a unique concept, eat right and exercise. Where have I heard that before? Good job Von Nikoo.
kidputter says:
I work a physical job for a living. I ride because I don't NEED the exercise and my time is valuable. I love the game but don't use it as my daily/weekly workout. Clongrats on your accomplishment, though. Do what works for you.
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