Cink Making Use Of Claret Jug
By Kickntrue on 7/21/09
Thanks to his Twitter account we know exactly what Stewart Cink is doing with his Claret Jug. Guess what he drank out of it first...? To me his dedicated Tweeting was one great thing about Cink winning. I knew he'd have some fun with it. You can see from his pictures that the first thing he did was pour a Guinness into the jug- and drink it out. It looks like this morning he made the same decision with his OJ. I just hope he rinsed it out in between. Cink will be on Letterman tonight on CBS.

Meanwhile, Tom Watson is recovering. He did an interview today with the press leading up the Sr. British Open and had this to say about a conversation he had with Jack Nicklaus.
I had a nice conversation with Jack, he called me on Sunday night, and Barbara. We had a nice conversation. Jack said, he said, "Watson, that's the first time I ever sat down and watched all 18 holes of any golf tournament, any golf tournament." He said he couldn't have played the 18th hole any better. It was just -- it wasn't there. And he said, "You
played the right shot with the putter." And he said, "That's the right shot."

That soothed me a little bit. Good friend.
Watson also said you shouldn't count on him playing in the PGA Championship even though he's now eligible. Poor Tom.

Cink's Twitter
Watson Interview

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klangdon says:
Just watched his "Top 10 Things you didn't know about Stewart Cink" on Letterman, only good one:
"I called Tiger Woods last night, laughed, and hung up."
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