Of course he was from Ohio.
"Look Ma - Both Hands"
By Kickntrue on 7/22/09
More hole-in-one shinanigans- this time a guy makes one right handed, then years later makes one as a lefty. My question: "Why so amphibious?"
Ed Platzer of Bowling Green knocked in a left-handed hole-in-one last month, 15 years after he hit a right-handed hole-in-one.

Platzer says he's a natural lefty but learned to play right-handed when he couldn't find any left-handed clubs. He started hitting from the left side four years ago when he finally found the right clubs.

The United States Golf Register tracks holes-in-one. It says it couldn't find anyone who has matched Platzer's achievement in its database that covers the past 13 years.
The worst part is this dude says he's not even a golfer. I hate people like this. Can you imagine though- having 1 wedge or one rescue club in your bag to swing from the other side? Who hasn't been in one of those trouble spots where if you were just "other-handed" you'd be fine? It'd actually be a pretty smart play if you could actually pull it off. Who can hit a 3 iron anyway?

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greendevil says:
Good story; I love reading your posts. However, why do you bash Ohioans so much? What have we ever done to you?
chief_broom says:
Isn't Bowling Green in Kentucky?
Kickntrue says:
@greendevil- both Kevin and I grew up in Pennsylvania in Penn State country. We can never win on the field (except the last 2 out of 3- YAH) so I have to compensate in some way. It's really just like when you see a 40 year old driving a cherry red corvette. Sorry :(
dlouder says:
There is a Bowling Green in Ohio too. I know, crazy right, using the same name for 2 separate locations. Lazy naming bastards.
mjaber says:
@dlounder- There's a town that sits on the border of Virginia and West Virginia called Bluefield. It's literally one town in 2 states... I'm not sure how they work out the politics and residency issue, but it's a little odd.
greendevil says:
Actually, there is a Bowling Green in both Ohio and Kentucky.

Even if this man was from Bowling Green KY I believe Kickntrue would still take a shot at Ohioans :).
kenjab says:
@mjaber - That's actually not too uncommon. The most famous example is Kansas City, which is in both Kansas and Missouri. Even more confusing is that the larger portion of the city (the one where all the sports teams play) is in Missouri, not Kansas.
mmontisano says:
i was beginning to think they were Michigan fans.
cookie says:
There is also a Bristol Tennessee and Bristol Virginia which is a shared city
JDoughMO says:
Anybody ever heard of Shawn Clement? He's an instructor in Canada with a ton of instructional YouTube vids. He plays scratch golf from the left and right side. It's enough to make you sick.
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