Mickelson To Buy Waffle House's
By Kickntrue on 7/24/09
Phil Mickelson is looking to diversify his portfolio by buying 105 different Waffle House locations. That should do wonders for the fat jokes.

I guess I don't live far enough south to really appreciate Waffle House, though I do have a couple close. Still- I'd have to think buying 105 McDonald's would be a better investment, so it's an interesting choice. I'm sure there are some Southerners on oob who'd be happy to disagree with me.

Bloomberg.com (halfway down page)
Via Deadspin

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ToddRobb says:
I don't think Phil would want to shell out over $105,000,000.00 for 105 McDonald's franchises, hence the Waffle House.
Ben Crane says:
The only clean Awful House I was ever in was in SC. The ones we have around here defy logic in how they are able to stay in business. They are always empty.
klangdon says:
Look out Callaway, Phil now has some incentive to put a nice Waffle House logo on his bag next to yours...
Ben Crane says:
I wonder if we can look forward to free waffle promos when Phil wins like Golfsmith was doing with drivers at the majors?
Bernie Duffer says:
I'm a transplanted NYC guy living in Tallahassee. The Waffle Houses around here are busy and the breakfast food is always good. Dinner? FORGETABOUTIT! I assure you my wife will think of a Phil fat joke regarding this story.
bshepard says:
The problem I have with Waffle House is the smoke from all the cigarettes. It's really bad for anyone who doesn't like eating out of an ash tray.
NWGaEagle says:
Waffle Houses are the staple of any drunken college kids' diet ... who else is open at 3am and serving delicious foodstuffs like shredded potatoes topped with chili, cheese, tomatoes, onions, ham, jalapenos, etc?

They could use larger tables, give them that and I'd go there before Cracker Barrel any day ... so long as it is decently cleaned.
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