Tiffany Joh Makes Me Laugh
By Kickntrue on 7/24/09
Tiffany Joh is currently on the Duramed Future Tour (think Nationwide Tour for ladies) and has a blog set up where we can follow her days and thoughts. What really makes it work for me is that it's 100% unfiltered and real Tiff, without any corporate influences. The appropriately named "Underdog Diaries" features videos Joh has taken of herself, sharing her experiences and idiosyncrasies. Lately, she's even busted out her guitar and started singing songs she's written, mostly goofy and fun.

Joh may play golf for a living, but the Duramed Tour is no picnic. The best comparison is probably to low level minor league baseball where the players earn $1000 a month and hope to catch that lucky hot streak that will give them their big break. It's also where young players learn the harsh realities of pro life and what it takes to make it. Joh was a standout at UCLA where she was an integral part of highly ranked teams competing for the National Championship year in and year out, but now she's fighting just like everyone else to earn a coveted spot on the Big Tour.

As long as Tiffany keeps blogging away she'll certainly have fans. Maybe we can get her to write a song about oobgolf... that would be SWEET! Real sweet actually...

Okay- here is your mission oobgolfers- go to Tiffany's website and leave a comment on her page (under her most recent post with the golf cart under a tree) that she needs to write a song about oobgolf. Maybe if we leave her enough messages she'll do it. This will only work if you participate. Don't let me down (It's Friday, what else are you doing?)!

Underdog Diaries
tiffjoh on Twitter

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Kickntrue says:
It appears as if they comments don't post instantly to the blog- but you're not the first guy there- even though you're not seeing other comments. Just keep sending her requests.
HotBacon says:
Looks like 4 posts were enough to get her attention. Check out her twitter page.
klangdon says:
Its very cool for players to be this accessible and transparent to fans.

Should we help her out with some good words that rhyme with oob?
jerdman says:
anyways, that song was hilarious. Its nice to see a good golf personality. she's got a new fan now
inok11 says:
The LPGA needs someone like Tiffany Joh badly
Tim Appledorn says:
She posted a song yesterday to her site.
lcgolfer64 says:
GOLF needs Tiffany!
Can you imagine playing a few casual rounds with her? Now that would be some pretty hilarious golf!
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