Giuliani To Be On Big Break
By Kickntrue on 7/24/09
Andrew Giuliani may not be good enough to play for Duke's golf team, but GolfChannel's not above using him for ratings.
Fresh from scoring a bogey in court, Andrew is hoping to launch his professional golfing career by winning a reality show.

The ex-mayor's 23-year- old son -- who turned pro at the beginning of the year -- is at Disney World competing in the Golf Channel's "Big Break," where the winner gets to go up against the big guys in a professional tournament.
I'm not a huge Big Break fan, but I've watched the show and could certianly see how you could be. I just hope Giuliani gets eliminated quickly.

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kidputter says:
If he gets eliminated TOO quickly, maybe there will be another B S lawsuit.
HotBacon says:
hopefully he'll s' the bed in round 1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Duke and the Big Break cut me.
JWHpurist says:
This "Guy" will be more amusing than the "Dude" with OCD!!
bducharm says:
I actually applied for this Big Break. I guess I wasn't accepted. I would LOVE to play against this guy!!!
mjaber says:
I started watching the Big Break a couple seasons ago. I like it. It's an interesting concept. Of course, it's now being copied by Michael Irvin with the spot in the Cowboys' training camp. I'd love to see them do a "reunion" to see how past cast members are fairing. I'm not sure Giuliani is going to get them much in ratings, since it's not really something the normal TV watcher is going to tune in for.

@ bducharm... maybe as a "Golfer Of the Week", maybe the Golf Channel can setup a match. Make sure you wear your Oobgolf polo and hat, and carry your oobgolf bag :)
bducharm says:
I would represent oobgolf VERY well...anyone want to propose that???
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