Donald Trump Golf Show To Air On Golf Channel
By Kickntrue on 12/17/09
Golf Channel announced a 6 episode series debuting in the spring featuring Donald Trump and his golf centric endeavors. The first episode will air on April 26, and will be called "Donald J Trump's Fabulous World of Golf." Way to get creative with the name Golf Channel.
To ensure each episode brings excitement and a high-level of competition, celebrity players will face-off against others of similar handicaps. The match-ups are destined to take a series of twists and turns as Trump will present many entertaining and exciting challenges along the way, including a pre-determined hole that will be worth $10,000 for the respective charity. While the high-stakes competition is a focal point of the program, viewers also will be offered exclusive access to some of Trump's most incredible golf properties - from West Palm Beach to his top-rated golf courses in Scotland, New York, New Jersey and California.
Yet another show by Golf Channel that you may watch 10 minutes of if there is nothing else on and your DVR is empty. I thought I'd be into the Barkley show... and it got old. I'm just not sure how this show can do any better than that.

I have a couple awesome ideas for golf shows that people would actually watch- but I'm not going to just post them online. What's up Golf Channel? Hit me up!

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mmontanaro says:
Why must everything with Trump be a reality show? Why can't they just document his little golf empire (which is quite extensive) and move on? Why must we have celebrity match-ups?

I would be interested in seeing the courses, the amenities, how the operation runs, etc. But once they throw the gimmeky competition in, I lost total interest.

Let me guess, there will definitely be a Natalie Gulbis appearance...
Banker85 says:
If they have two different celebs playing each week i would watch. I like watching regular joes golf because i can relate more i mean i dont hit my 7I 190yards+ so its just funner and i can say "man i would kick _____'s ass in golf!"
cheymike says:
If Natalie Gulbis makes an appearance, I'll be watching!! LOL!!!
KVSmith59 says:
gotta agree with Banker and cheymike ! Both would be fine with me
mjaber says:
I wonder if they are trying to resurrect some form of the "Wonderful World of Golf" I've caught a couple old episodes they have run recently and I really enjoyed it. I think it's great to be able to watch 2 pros for a round. Plus, with the mic'd, you get to hear some of the back-and-fourth between them. With it being for charity, I think it loosens them up a bit, too, and you get a little more of their personality.

Personally, I'd love to see a Paul Goydos/Rocco Mediate round.
johngcorey says:
I'm looking forward to this. I think it will be quite entertaining. Anything on T.V, golf related this time of year in Michigan will be a warm welcome! BRING IT!
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