Dolly's Titleist Nest
Duck Incubates Titleist
By Kickntrue on 7/27/09
Dolly The Duck was trying to hatch her egg for 6 weeks. The thing is- duck eggs only take 4 weeks to hatch. An inquiring mind wanted to know- and decide to check out the situation, and found the while Dolly The Duck's maternal instincts were quite strong, her grasp of her own eggs was not.

It turns out Dolly had been sitting on a Titleist 3 for that whole time- trying to make the darn thing crack open. Poor duck. Too bad too- a Titleist would make a good duck. Flies straight, good trajectory and can stop on a dime.

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Eddy Whitaker says:
haha..the last part makes this post
whomsley says:
Too bad they sink when they are in the water.
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