Greg and Current wife Chris.
Norman Thinks Ex-Wife Is To Blame
By Kickntrue on 7/28/09
Greg Norman, classy guy, right? I mean, he almost stole our hearts like Watson did at last year's British Open.
Norman implied in a recent stateside interview that one of the reasons for his choke-tastic legacy was the GÇ£mental processesGÇ¥ imposed upon him by his now ex-wife, Laura, saying, GÇ£[Current wife Chris Evert,] would have instilled a different thought process and I would have said the answer would probably be GÇÿyesGÇÖ.GÇ¥ Blaming the wife is great when dishes arenGÇÖt done or you donGÇÖt feel like hitting the bars on a weekday, but for golf? Not so much.
An Aussie newspaper took him to task on these statements, putting the blame back on Norman and not his ex-wife.
LauraGÇÖs thought processes must have been pretty good during his 88 international tournament victories and his two British Open wins but, apparently, she just got ornery at the Masters, the US Open and the US PGA.

Like the 1986 PGA when Bob Tway holed out from a bunker on the 18th. Bloody Laura. Or the US Open the same year when Norman shot a final-round 75 after leading. The bitch. Then a year later Larry Mize holes out from hell on the 11th, second hole of a play-off for the Masters. Quit playing with his mind, woman. Or in the 1989 British Open playoff when he whacked the ball dead into a fairway bunker. Damn you Laura!
I don't think I even need to add my own Zinger! Greg Norman flat out choked.

Auusie Paper

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DRUMatthias says:
His clothing line's actually better at golf then him. Greg, deal with THAT reality! Wives certainly make an impact in the lives of their husbands but uh, yeah...what a load of crap that blame game is!
spombert says:
If this was based on a interview that the golf channel did. I think these comments are very misleading. The question was posed to Greg - that if Chris was in his life - would he have won more golf tourneys. His was response was 'probably yes'. I don't recall 1 word or even suggestion that his x-wife was to blame.

Was the comment 'mental processes' imposed upon him by his now x ..... actually said by Greg??? Update - just looked at the article and respective comments - similar to what I just posted. Lame article.
mankowa says:
I agree, I watched the interview and he didn't say anything about his ex-wife, it was more to the effect that as a proffesional athlete she would have helped him with the mental side of the game.
twood says:
very poor article... this was taken way out of context for the sake of being funny here... not funny!
adamgolfer says:
Is he serious? Is he kidding me? Despite of his short-comings at winning BIG ones, I have always admired him as "golf role-model". But this remark, has seriously aggravated my impression of him. I might even remove him from my Golf Journal... Even if that is the case, why whine about that now? His Ex-wife is long gone and he has a beautiful classic superstar under his arms. So who cares? I hope this is wrong... Please Greg, say it ain't so!?
Barroomhero says:
I thought that was what ex-wives where for? My buddy and I blame his ex-wife for everything, crappy hunting season, bad round of golf ect. If we cant blame her than who can we blame?
jp24 says:
I agree with twood that this was taken out of context but it was still kinda funny. The stars put themselves in the limelight so they ought to be able to take a little ribbing. It's not like they ever have to pay for golf in the first place like us hackers.

And to Barroomhero... that is what all wives are for x or present! I love my wife but it is clearly her fault my golf game isn't better. For if I wasn't married with 3 children I'd surely play golf everyday. Heck, I'd probably be as bad as Faldo is today but at least I'd be playing everyday. If you can't blame your wife why get married in the first place? Marriage is the join union of two people willing to take or otherwise be referenced as the blame for one another. X-wives especially have to get the blame for everything otherwise they wouldn't be X-wives. I'm pretty sure x-husbands get blamed for anything that comes to mind so X-wives deserve the same treatment.
jakeisbill says:
Greg Norman is not a nice guy, he's a prick. When I was 14 my father took me to St. Andrews for The Open in 1995. I hung around the exit of the club house to get autographs from the pros. I got Nick Price, Faldo, Tiger as an amateur, Even John Daly after he won. When I asked Mr. Norman for his autograph he said "Piss off Kid!!". I was awe struck, then I came back at him with "You must be on the bus, aren't you. You missed the cut!!! It's a long lonely flight back to Australia from Scotland. You Bum!!!" something like that. So as for his Ex-Wife I hope she calls him every Wednesday night at 3am just to get in his head and make him choke on the first round forever.

p.s. I hate Sharks!!!
adamgolfer says:
jakeisbill, You have just reinforced my feeling about not asking for autographs. I like Greg Norman's style but it does not surprise me that he exudes such a prick personality... I would never ask him for autograph. Maybe I would ask his wife Chris!
jm32 says:
I do have to point out he said that you probably couldn't blame your wife for golf. So this is probably out of context.

However, does he (if in context) have a point? Chris Everett was a champion athlete in her own right. She had that killer instinct needed to close out the championship. Is it possible that instead of saying it was the Ex's fault for not winning, that he is simply saying a better mindset from a true champion might have helped him focus better in clutch situations?
jm32 says:
Scratch that. He didn't say that. Nevermind.
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