Bear On Course - Feel Free To Run
By Kickntrue on 7/29/09
Last week I discussed what reactions are appropriate when seeing a snake on a golf course. Bears... are a whole other story.
Bryon Palonder, the course's head PGA professional, said he first saw the massive animal in the morning.

"I was up here at the clubhouse and the bear came across the driving range. It walked right across the middle of the range at a nice little trot," Palonder said.

Palonder said he and a few employees jumped into golf carts and were able to direct the animal into a wooded area on the gold course about 200 yards from the clubhouse.

"We just corralled it into the woods behind No. 9 gold tee," he said. "It was a big animal. It was definitely pushing 400-plus pounds. It was a very, very fast animal.
The bear appeared two more times as the day went on. The game commission was called, but the bear was not captured. Oh, right- you need to know the name of the course to be scared of - Cedarbrook Golf Course in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. I may have enough guts to venture on to the course today- but you'd better believe I'm wearing brown pants just in case.

Oh- and as a quick side tangent- who is "the bear's" PR firm? They've somehow convinced society to love them being cute. Who came up with the Teddy Bear? Pooh Bear? The bears that get toilet paper stuck to their butts in those commercials? Seriously- they are crazy dangerous beasts- and they somehow win the love and affection of people. Amazing PR.

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[Ed Update- Props to @TWUES17 for his bear story (first comment in first linked article of this post)]

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kidputter says:
I'm hoping to be playing with older people if I encounter a bear. I can't outrun the bear, but I'll outrun the group.
mjaber says:
I was watching something on the History Channel about the possibility of a "giant" bear, and they went into the issues people are having with bears in neighborhoods. I remember one video clip they kept showing of a family of bears wandering around a house with a "For Sale" sign in front. I had 2 thoughts. 1- I'm not buying that house. 2- Were the bears there for an open house, since the housing development had obviously taken their habitat away?

I haven't encountered anything worse than geese on the course.
TWUES17 says:
Why didn't I get some props for posting my bear story!?! Being a Bucknell grad I figured I'd get some love from the guys in the 'burg.
Kickntrue says:
@TWUES17- There you go. Considering yourself propped.
TWUES17 says:
You guys are alright.
oobscott2 says:
lucky me. i played junior golf tournaments on that course. Grew up near there in PA. never saw the bear back then in the 90s
Kickntrue says:
See what I mean about cuddly crap? Is everyone else getting an ad on this page for Vermont Teddy Bears?! (click it make me money)
GolfSmith7 says:
We were the first to tee of in chattanooga Tn and after to great drives we had to wait for the green to clear. Why, you ask since we were the first to tee off? Deer cutting accross the green. We waited patiently then boggied the hole, lol
newsmaker22 says:
I was playing at my father-in-law's club in Hazelton, PA...Valley Country Club and we saw a similar looking bear running up the 14th fairway and into someone's was very scary! They can outrun a golf cart if it chased you, you're screwed!!!
Barroomhero says:
i have hunted in the UP of Michigan and stumbled across a bear. Very intimidating and thats with carrying a gun or bow. A set if clubs not much of a match against a bear. And the theory, if you play dead they will move on, wrong they will use you like a rag doll. if you see one make as much noise as you possible can. They just want food and if your loud , your not the food there looking for.
norm_pyle says:
I saw one of the biggest buck elks in my life on a golf course - Mariana Buttes in Loveland, Colorado.
golfgirl says:
We encountered one at Richter Park in Danbury, CT... and my husband wouldn't let me take pictures of it. He's such a wuss.
JWL113 says:
Gotta come up north. My wife and I have a condo on Whistler, BC. We usually golf the three courses there (Chateau Whistler, Nicklaus North, and the Palmer Course). Every year, we see at least one bear on a golf course. Once we saw three in one day on different holes. They just wander around looking for berries, don't bother anyone. Never heard of anyone being hurt or even attacked by one.
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