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Saw That One Coming
By Kickntrue on 7/30/09
John Daly will have his own reality show airing on The Golf Channel airing in early 2010. It will be Daly's 2nd attempt a reality show after a 13 episode run of "The Daly Planet" aired on the same channel back in 2006. Daly says the show will feature is "new boring life."

... I'm sure the editors can take hours of footage and turn it into something interesting. I guess the question that will eventually be answered in ratings, but I'll ask now, will you watch?


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Patrick McKay says:
I will be there every episode, guaranteed
bducharm says:
LOVE IT!!! Go JD!!! from your Loudmouth Brother....
drew1473 says:
Definitely! It is JD. Two of the best things in life are JD. John Daly and Jack Daniels. HAHA
Barroomhero says:
I love it I am so watcing Go JD!!!
Shankapotamus says:
He sent a message to his Twitter followers asking what he should name the show. The title he came up with is "Out of the Rough" which I think is good. Ideas?
C.T. says:
JD I'll watch if you promise not to wear those pants anymore!
bducharm says:
NO WAY - He MUST wear the Loudmouth Golf pants!!! I have 2 pairs of shorts and they ROCK!!!
golfgirl says:
I love John Daly and I love Loudmouth Golf pants and I'm totally watching every episode. So there.
jwilder78 says:
Well, count me as the first to say NO to watching that. If JD was in your family, I think you'd want to disown him, but since he's an amazing golfer, people want to watch him. He's an interesting personality, no question, but count me out.
JCaus says:
haha thats awesome, he told me via twitter to keep quiet about it. i will watch
kidputter says:
I watched the Haney Project because it was about golf. This is about a guy who occasionally plays golf. I don't care about his personal life. It affects me not at all. If it was about his golf transformation, maybe. I don't go for the BASIC reality TV.
bducharm says:
golfgirl - I wear Loudmouth Golf attire - you love me??? Besides - you are MUCH hotter than Anna Rawson!!!
jjgibb0 says:
Heck ya I'll watch. Daly is the best. Who else would follow everyone on Twitter that follows him? That's cool.
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