Llamas Make Good Caddies
By Kickntrue on 7/30/09
Bears and snakes on a golf course may cause fear, but if you see a llama carrying a golf bag or two - that's just a good caddie.
When golfing, caddies can really make a difference in a round. At one local course the caddies are making the rounds memorable. Llamas are caddying at Sherwood Forest Golf Course in Cedar Mountain, NC. Every Tuesday golfers can rent a llama for 9 holes to carry their clubs.

Some say the llamas are the perfect caddies because they donGÇÖt critique your swing or say how bad your shot was. But if you are seeking advice, the owner of the llamas say by stomping on the ground the llama agrees with your club choice.
I guess this idea is not new to North Carolina. Tallmore Golf Club in Pinehurst has been offering llama caddies for years. Either way, I want one.

I imagine if this has been happening for some time that someone around here has either tried this or heard about an experience? I think it's pretty ridiculous, but can't say that I wouldn't want to try it. Quick question though... what do they do with the ... "fertilizer?"

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Thanks to Darrell Louder for the tip!

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klangdon says:
Do you get a free drop with "fertilizer" lies?
bducharm says:
I was going to say the golf course is getting free fertilizer for their efforts. "How about a little something, ya' know, for the effort???" and the Llama said, "There will be no money. But on your death bed, you will receive total concienceness. So I got that going for me - which in nice!!!"
TimmyBede says:
"Do you want to be replaced by Llamas? Keep it up."
golfgirl says:
I've been tempted by those alpaca farm ads for years now but couldn't figure out how I could possibly generate as much income with alpacas as I do with my blog. If llamas are the same as alpacas, I think I just figured it out. And my blog's for sale.
Kickntrue says:
@golfgirl - your blog makes money? mind sharing your secrets?! :)
BlaqShamrokk says:
haha i remember when i played there a few years ago they have a llama pen off of the 12th tee there awfull expensive though thats the only bad part.
Steveberrywv says:
Hey that's right here in Pinehurst/ Southern Pines. One of the best courses here. Also on one of the holes is where they store the animals , kind of neat
falcon50driver says:
Hidden Springs Golf Course, in Harper Texas, has a par 5 that bends around a camel pasture. What the hell do they do with camels in Texas?
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