Amendments to Golf Rules- For Recreation Golfers
By Kickntrue on 1/15/07
Do you play SortaGolf? I think a lot of us may sometimes. Well- the site realizes this and has provided Amendments to the USGA Rules of Golf, for recreational golfers, so that we can feel better about our games. A lot of the 7 Amendments actually make a lot of sense to me.

What is SortaGolf? From the site...
Simply put, SortaGolf applies much needed amendments to the USGA Rules Of Golf that allow recreational golfers to play more satisfying golf while maintaining the competitive integrity and essential essence of the game. It's the way the ancient Scots originally meant to game to be played.

It's not your fault. Golf is a difficult game, even for professionals. Made even more so for recreational golfers by the unforgiving, arbitrary and burdensome rules and mandates set by the USGA. A Golf Online survey reported that only 23% of golfers admit to strictly following USGA Rules of Golf. Why so few? Because adhering to USGA Rules of Golf produce a frustrating, unsatisfactory experience for the vast majority of golfers.

Are You a SortaGolfer? Quiz

A whole .pdf book on the ideals can be downloaded here.

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