Geese, Guns and Golf
By Kickntrue on 8/1/09
This title would be a sweet name for a band and band's song or it could be what is happening on a golf course in Indiana.
A golf course in northern Indiana has a geese problem. Specifically, there's too many of them, honking and crapping everywhere. The city council's solution? Golfers with guns.

The Rochester, Ind., city council just approved issuing hunting permits for the Round Barn Golf Club, after years of complaints about Canada Geese invading the course every winter. Five hunters a day will take out as many geese as they can.


One goose, Lingenfelter said, can eat as much as 5 pounds of turf per day. That same goose can leave behind as much as 1.5 pounds of waste per day.

That equates to 55,000 pounds of goose manure a year from 500 geese, Lingenfelter said, and 150,000 pounds of grass eaten by the same geese.
The manure is a problem, but the eating of the grass sounds like a great strategy for keeping the rough tamed. Doesn't Google do that with goats or something?

Extra special credit to on this one for the image. I can only hope my Paint skills can match that picture someday!


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mmontisano says:
in some other golf blog, they had an alternative of a company in New Jersey that has specially trained dogs that get rid of geese that have made their home on golf courses by acting like their natural predators and ridding them in more of a humane manor. it maybe more expensive, but i think it would better than having random bullets flying around....
Banker85 says:
One of my local courses has a lot of geese at times, they crap all of the greens... nothing like hitting a sweet shot on the green that lands in a pile of geese poop! NASTY! shoot em' up!
Ward says:
dogs will only keep the geese away until the dogs stop chasing them, as soon as the dogs finish their chasing duties the geese come right back

these are giant rats with wings and should be shot, and the carcasses should be used to feed the homeless
beant says:
Shoot the dam things! Dogs are not the answerer when the course is overwhelmed. We have the same issue on my course managing the population is key prior to them getting out of hand.
Clint24 says:
My dad used to be the pro at GoosePond in Alabama. They had way too many one year so they set up a Goose Hunt. They had the member who suggested it help set it up. He said that PETA went nuts and he was on all the news channels and got like 15-20 bad calls.
mjaber says:
Are they hunting while golf is being played? That might be a bit dangerous.
knoxgoalie says:
it sounds dumb...but my local course has those black cutouts of dogs and i haven't seen any geese there in 4 years
Ward says:
we have a local course with fake fiberglass wolves on course, complete with menacing scowls

once the geese figure out they're fake they stop working, although they did have an interesting effect on me the first time I saw them (hey there's a dog, and it's angry, oh it's fake)
bshepard says:
I don't know why killing these varmits is such a big deal. If it were a bug doing all this damage we would spray something on it so why not find a way to kill the geese. They are over populating our course and ruining golf in many places.
skirchner says:
One course in Upstate NY came up with the unique idea of stocking the ponds with large Northern Pike. Pike just love to eat gosslings. So the only warning is do not wade in for your ball....LOL
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