Would he actually be better like this?
Daly Shoots 88- Contemplates Quitting
By Kickntrue on 8/1/09
After shooting an 88 yesterday at the Buick Open John Daly is contemplating ending his golf career. His coach Rick Smith says it's because Daly is exhausted and is basically starving himself to death with his crash diet.
Daly says he has lost over 80 pounds in the last four months after having Lap-Band surgery, in which a tube place around the top of the stomach helps control the appetite. He was eating only 1,200 calories a day, but now says his intake is about 600 calories daily.

Daly said he weighed himself this week at 205 pounds.

"He's gone through it so quickly, faster than most," Smith said. "He hasn't felt well, he hasn't slept. He's starving himself. His doctors says if he doesn't have 80 to 90 grams a day of protein, he'll be in trouble. He needs to eat the right food and get himself back so he can even play golf. Looking at his swing today, it was irrelevant."
This week was also Daly's sixth week in a row with an event, spanning 5 different countries.

I think this is probably an "in the moment" comment from Daly. He's clearly serious about getting himself back in shape, but to the point where he could probably be classified as anorexic, a pretty common happening in my understanding for situations like this. I hope he can take a couple weeks off- and get his health in order. He has shown flashes of brilliance since his return and while I don't think he'll ever challenge Tiger he could easily be a force in his late thirties and forties like Kenny Perry.

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Banker85 says:
Matt Otskey says:
LOL I love that picture. It looks like somebody altered it in photoshop, but it isn't altered...that is how he looked at one point....
activesense says:
What a poor swing posture. Didn't Hogan say that the alignment at the top of the backswing be parallel to the cigarette? No wonder he shot 88.
GBorn says:
I really hope John can pull himself together. He is trying to do the right thing...losing weight, getting some fitness. Does he have a nutritionalist working with him? He takes things to extremes...drinking, gambling, etc. I hope he can get some moderation in his life. I like him, he's a guy's guy and I would like to see him doing well in life and on tour.
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