Why Do This To Your Kid?
By Kickntrue on 8/3/09
One sure way to get attention is to name your son Tiger and then push him into golf. It's also a good way to have him fail and subsequently get beat up after every high school JV match. Fortunately 8 year old Tiger Hubbard still has a couple years before he has to deal with that. Maybe he can get his name changed before then.

Sounds like Lil Tiger has a pretty good start to his golfing career but don't hold your breath thinking you'll ever hear of this guy again. Just seems like a cruel thing to do to your kid. ... Figures he'd be from Pennsylvania. Western Pennsylvania though.

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greendevil says:
The story said the kid averages a 50 for 9 holes. Wow!
ipv6freely says:
His swing is probably better than mine...
rricker81 says:
Easy on the Pennsylvania jab there guy. Some of the very, very best golfers have come out of PA. What's that all about?
ncramsey83 says:
That's why you be sneaky about it and name your son Ty like I did. That way you can tell him his name was inspired by Tiger without all the pressure and ridicule of actually naming after Tiger. It's also a lot easier to convince the wife of picking Ty over Tiger!!!
mngolfballer09 says:
No one will ever be another tiger. SO don't think your kid is the next tiger
HotBacon says:
My kid will NOT be another tiger...he will put tiger to shame.
jdubbsmith007 says:
Just like Tiger came along, so will another great prodigy. We just might not live to see it.....
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