Hole-In-One Story I Don't Hate
By Kickntrue on 8/3/09
Usually I'm pretty bitter at hole-in-one stories (obviously I've never had one), but this one I can get behind. First- John Colangelo has been playing forever and this was his first ace. Second- he's 97 years old, and who doesn't have a soft spot for old people? Third, based on his name, accent and company, I'm afraid if I said I was mad at him, you'd never see another post on oobgolf again. Dude is straight connected- BET ON IT!

Here's the report from CNN.com about John and his buddies and how it all went down.

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jerdman says:
I hope I get one in the next 70 years. I'm curious what percentage of golfers that play at least 10 rounds a year go a lifetime without ever getting one. I'm afraid to know actually.
southping says:
I have played this course . And the hole he aced is no joke . Good for him . It is nice to see the "experienced" players come out on top . I would love to be able to get 50 years of golf in . And I started at 15 . I would love to be able to play that late in life . Well enough ace one . Might be tough on the pocketbook at the 19th though .
alexsam says:
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