Bulgaria Top World Golf Destination
By Kickntrue on 8/4/09
Did you know in 7 years Bulgaria will be a world class golf destination? Maybe we should get our tickets now. I know- pretty crazy that I'm letting you in on this huge secret. It's pretty crazy that I even know- but I have a source.

You know where I found our that Bulgaria is going to be one of the best golf destinations in the world? ... From Bulgaria! VisitBulgaria.net says so. Well, anonymous experts said. Why would you want to remain anonymous on something like this?!

Anyway... Why am I posting this? 1) It's a Tuesday 10 days out from a major, what else are we going to talk about? and 2) I'm pretty curious how Bulgaria pulled off one of the best SEO campaigns I've seen for a golf story in some time.

As for "2)" I was cruising around Google and Bing looking for odd/interesting news stories to post- and almost everytime I clicked to a new page I saw "Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Bulgaria." They managed to get their Press Release all over the search engines new feeds. I was intrigued enough to dig through and check out what was going on- which leads me to reason number 3) I want to know if it's true.

I've never been to Bulgaria but I lived in Greece for 4 months and that touches it- so I know there is beauty in that part of the world- I'm just trying to imagine it as a golf destination. At any rate- I guess we'll just have to wait 7 years and see.

I love the story though- it's a little like Mickelson-

BISJAM - Bulgaria Is Sweet, Just Ask Me, or should it be BIGJAB - Bulgaria Is Golf, Just Ask Bulgaria?


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