Ace It!
By Kickntrue on 2/7/07
Here's a cool site I found that caters to those of us who've hit a hole-in-one. You can register your shot and even get memorabilia to commemorate it. There are also some fun stats from those who have submitted to the site. Here's a sampling:

Average age of a Hole In One golfer:44.2233 yrs.
Average handicap of Hole In One golfer:13.3475
Number of years playing golf:16.3293 yrs.
Percent of Aces by:Male 82% Female 18%
Percent of golfers registering first ace:53.25%
Day of week most Holes In One occur:Friday
Day of week least Holes In One occur:Sunday
Date when most aces occured:July 19th, 2003
Golf hole most frequently aced:Hole 8.86
Average par for the aced hole:Par 3.02
Average yardage of aced hole:150.52 yds.
Club most used in making an ace:7 Iron

Check it out here along with some other cool stuff.

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hhoward12 says:
I guess I need to keep playing longer to get my hole-in-one according to the stats. Or I could only play the 150 yard par 3s.
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