Tiger's Career On A Timeline
By Kickntrue on 8/5/09
This chart isn't going to win any design awards- but Zipgolfer.com has put together a pretty cool infographic of Eldrick's career.

Each event Tiger has played in is shown, many with video highlight links. It shows where Tiger finished, who won (if not Tiger) and if he made any dough. It's kind of sick that he's able to classify the lowest result as "11+." The creator Ken also wins extra dork points for using a LOTR (if you know, you know) reference to introduce his work.

Too bad for the little guy like Zipgolfer because someone from a big golf media company is going to see this, spruce it up, and rip it off in the near future with no credit given. Count on it.

ZipGolfer.com - Tiger Infographic

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ajbirken says:
It's fun to guess who the other guys are.
JDoughMO says:
Who in the eff is this Eldrick guy? He's appears to be almost as good as Tiger Woods.
M.Nugent says:
Tiger has won like 14 out of his last 25 based on this, not sure if its perfect but thats insane
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