Jong-il's the number 1!
Perfect Golf Partners
By Kickntrue on 8/6/09
I found a pretty funny article in the UK's Guardian that makes light of Bill Clinton's recent meet and greet with North Korea's Kim Jong-il. Not only was Clinton able to free two American journalists and bring them back home, but he also met his perfect golf partner.
Despite being polar opposites in politics, Bill Clinton and Kim Jong-il are united by a love not merely of big hair but of the noble game of golf. Trouble is, both men are also known for the "creative accounting" when it comes to totting up their scorecards.

We've highlighted Kim Jong-il's golf highlights in the past, and most Americans at least, are pretty aware of the stories about Clinton on the course. I assume in a 2-man league setting Kim Jong-il would be the #1?

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