Race To Dubai Cuts Purse
By Kickntrue on 8/6/09
In response to the changing economy the European Tour has announced cuts to the $10M prize for winning the Race To Dubai. I'm sure winning $7.5M isn't THAT bad, but still kind of rough pulling the rug out from under everyone shooting for it. The bonus pool for players finishing in the top 15 is also being cut to the same number.

Like I said- still a lot of money- but hurts the cause of trying to lure Tiger over to Europe. They may have seen that as a losing battle though. When you make $100M a year like Tiger, I'm just not sure how any amount of money can lure you to do anything.

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oobscott2 says:
if i made the kind of money tiger makes, the amount of money i would win would not even enter the equation on what tournaments i played. i would play the ones where i like the course and the ones with the most prestige, the ones with the best field, etc.
simonv says:
... and those ones his sponsors say
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