More Presidential Golf
By Kickntrue on 8/6/09
Since we're talking golf of leaders- I thought I'd post this Time article about President Obama. Apparently he should use oobgolf- dude doesn't cheat at all!
Whereas Clinton was known to shout, curse and rehit balls until he liked his shot, Obama never cuts a corner in golf, say his companions. No mulligans. No five-foot gimme putts on the green. "I've never seen him get to the point where he just picks up," says Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director and a regular partner. "I've seen him write a 10 down. I've seen him write an 11 down."
Fair enough! You don't have to be good to play with me- just be fair.

The article is pretty good. Stays away from politics for the most part and talks truly about Obama's golf game- which is pretty interesting.

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Banker85 says:
what a cool cat!
bducharm says:
Good for him with regards to golf. Not so much with regards to policy!!!
tennesseeboy says:
Looks like he's a lefty. How appropriate.
Lerxst says:
Im just gonna hold my tounge.
nuf says:
how much are we paying for the up-keep on that putting green? anyone think we could go there and putt around....
dlouder says:
@nuf: Eh, looks a bit burnt and 'dry'. I wouldn't want putt on it. If our taxes are going to it, it's a good 'symbol' of our current economy, alive with a hint of death.
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