Cink And The Hitchhiker
By Kickntrue on 8/10/09
Here's a fun antidote from last week featuring Stewart Cink and some of his buddies picking up a Tom Watson loving hitchhiker. From Jeff Rude at Golfweek:
GÇ£The funniest comments (about the British) have come from people who donGÇÖt know me,GÇ¥ Cink said.

Like the hitchhiker his friends picked up last week in Montana. Cink was there hiking, rafting and mountain climbing with his pals at Glacier National Park, which he describes as his favorite summer spot on earth. After one such hike, Cink & Co. hopped in two cars. As they did, a hiker they didnGÇÖt know stuck out his thumb. The lead car picked him up.

GÇ£ItGÇÖs not out of the ordinary,GÇ¥ Cink said, implying hikers look out after hikers.

When the man got in the car and the conversation got around to golf, the stranger said, GÇ£DoesnGÇÖt it stink what happened to Tom Watson?GÇ¥

CinkGÇÖs laughing friends informed the man that GÇ£Stewart Cink is in the car behind us.GÇ¥

GÇ£No!GÇ¥ the man said.

Yes. But the lead car didnGÇÖt stop and show off the evidence. So the hitchhiker perhaps doesnGÇÖt know for sure whether they were telling the truth.
The story could've been alot different. Can you imagine if we learned about Cink being gutted by a killer hitchhiker while hiking in the remote woods of Montana? Ehh- I guess I watch too many movies.

Check out the link- there are a couple extras thrown on the end worth reading including an amazing stat about Tiger and his winning percentage since 2006. Those who say he's "lost it" just can't accept the truth.

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mjaber says:
The Cink story is pretty funny. I have to say I'm not a fan of the "winning percentage" stat. It's impressive, but it's kind of skewed.

Let's keep in mind that he was unable to play for most of '08. He won 4 out of 6 tournaments, but there is no way to tell if he would have continued that percentage. This year, he's got 5 wins, but 8 more starts, which means that if you look only at that stat... his best "winning percentage" season is behind him.

I saw a stat, I wish I could remember where, of his actual winning percentage, and it was around 30%. That works out to about 5 wins/year if you take his average of 17 starts per year (not including the '08 season). I'd say he's still at the top of his game.
kidputter says:
I wonder if the hitchhiker followed the unwritten book of the road.
Kickntrue says:
@kidputter- i sure hope not. if so- i never want to hear about it.
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