Fixing Ball Marks
By Kickntrue on 8/10/09
Who hasn't approached a green pockmarked with craters from unfixed ball marks? Even if you are a "good guy," you may be fixing them wrong. This was brought to my attention by a forum post gaining some steam. They asked for a post- so here is a post!

Instead of me trying to diagram and show you the best way to fix your ball marks- I'll try to point you towards a couple good resources. It also looks like a new tool- The Mark Mender was tried by a user or two with much success. Anyone have any good horror stories of important putts missed from badly fixed ball marks?

Step By Step Guide To Fixing Ball Marks
Mark Mender Divot Tool

oobgolf Forum Post
TheWedgeGuy on Divot Fixing

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gw60199 says:
The only fault I can find with instructions "The ball mark repair tool is an essential piece of equipment that every golfer should have in his or her golf bag." is the tool should be in your POCKET. Mine is and NOW I know how to use it. Thanks
Lerxst says:
It's good luck to fix ball marks. Didn't you know that? If you fix someone elses you will soon be fixing your own. When you fix your own and someone elses you will make a birdie for every extra ball mark you fix. I dont know - I just made that up...
Barroomhero says:
damn I was hoping that was true
aaronm04 says:
I read something a while back that I cannot find now. It was from the greenskeepers association (I forget their acronym). Anyway, it said that most ball mark repair tools are too long. You only need to insert the prongs about a 1/2 inch into the ground (most prongs are way longer than this). Since reading the article, I've tried this out and found it to be easier to fix the mark and most of them are hardly recognizable as a ball mark when you're finished.

Also, if you've got a putter head cover with a pocket (some of the Odyssey putter head covers have this), that's a great place to keep your ball marker and ball mark repair tool.
jwilder78 says:
Thanks for the link, I actually have been doing this somewhat incorrectly according to the article..oops. But hey, I'm trying and now I'll do it the right way.
Shankapotamus says:
I always see people fixing pitch marks (the wrong way) by inserting divot tools and then lifting. Glad oobers are out there spreading the word on the correct method. The Mark Mender is a novel idea but looks bulky to carry in your pocket when playing golf. Any divot tool will easily get the job done once you know the correct procedure.
birdieXris says:
aaronm04 - i think i heard that somewhere too. The key word there is MOST. those account for almost all of the "fancy" tools out there from taylormade, and all that. Theyr'e usually long and brushed silver or something and have a ball-marker attached. I have one of the pressed (bent) flat metal ones. Those tines are just the right size.

One thing i think the article left out is that you shouldn't be afraid to go well outside of the ball mark area. Remember you're fixing a crater -- often times something that has a chunk of green taken out of it and laying somewhere else on the green. You need to fill that in without creating more damage to the green. It's done by working out in concentric rings. when i fix a ball mark, i usually end up having turf stretched between 2 and 3 inches across. The area is less dense because of the hole filled, but it will fill in and smooth over completely when i tap it down with my putter. once you get the hang of it it's really quick and fast.
birdieXris says:
one thing i will say about the mark mender is that it's a novel idea, but it depends on the green. There's no sub for a good old fashioned mark tool. on sandy greens or short cuts, all you'll do is make two holes on either side of the ball mark. The greens they're using them on look old and uncut. I've never seen grass that thick. I think their ad is right -- it's a golf "toy".
Bryan K says:
When I see someone using a tee to fix a pitch mark, a little piece of sanity inside of me somewhere threatens to snap.
erickbelus says:
I use a repair tool, but it IS possible to fix a pitch mark with a tee. No need to go postal.
jrbizzle says:
Great article. I have a nice ball mark tool I bought a few years ago that I must have in my pocket or I don't feel right. Anytime I play an upscale course that has the plastic ones for free, I grab a couple and put them in my bag. Inevitably I'll find myself playing with someone in the near future who isn't fixing ball marks. I'll take a plastic one, give it to them and show them how to do it. Pay it forward.
Matt F says:
I've been using the Mark Mender for a couple of years now and it works very well. It's actually about the same size as a lighter when folded, so it's comfortable in your pocket and after you've gotten used to using it, you'll be surprised at how little you can see the mark you've repaired.

jrbizzle says:
Shut up belus - I've seen your work with a golf tee. I suppose you forgot how many innocent men we lost that day?
Zotisk says:
I think a penalty should be called on golfers who don't fix their marks. If you hit the green, fix a mark. Agreement?
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