Last Michelle Wie Post.. I Promise (for at least a week)
By Kickntrue on 1/15/07
Last link to anything Michelle Wie related, but it's solid. SI's Gary Van Sickle takes a shot at addressing the whole situation and the negitive press and backlash that is forming against Wie because of her struggles. (Van Sickle)

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golfgirl says:
Celebrity always produces backlash eventually. It's completely normal. The thing I always say about Michelle Wie is...Isn't it clear that she just doesn't need to win the way most guys do? Like most girls, her ego completely does NOT depend on winning. The way I see her is that she's enjoying the ride and taking full advantage of the fact that she's rewarded for being a beautiful, telegenic young girl as much as for her golf...perhaps more at this point. And for all those who say she should just go back and play women's events or she should have continued playing women's events until she was consistently winning, that's only valid in the context of "needing" to win. which as I say, she doesn't. I hate to say it but she's getting much more in every way (other than winning) from playing with the men.
klangdon says:
My counter arguments:

1) SHE DOESNT NEED TO WIN - This isn't a Thursday morning league. This is competitive golf the goal here is to win or at least make the cut. If she isn't playing to win, why is she playing?

2) SHE IS GETTING MORE PLAYING WITH MEN - I don't think this is the case. It's like when an athlete is evaluating what college he might attend. Does he go to the best school in the country and sit the bench? No. He picks a school where he knows he will get playing time and where he knows he can more greatly develop as a player. Michelle has not even yet had the chance to finish a tourney with men, thats a big experience gap and a lot of playing time that she is loosing. Had she been playing and making the cut on more women tourneys, I believe that she would have developed further than she has in the last year.

I think she should consider neither LPGA or PGA and take NCAA seriously. But I doubt that will happen as it means she woudl need to drop her endorsements...
Kickntrue says:
I don't think at this point Wie can even drop her endorsements. She has taken them. She IS a pro, like it or not. Clearly some of her play shows that she DESERVES to be a pro, but it hasn't been with the men.

She is still only 17, an age at which most of the US didn't know Tiger Woods from Tony the Tiger. BUT, she is being paid an awfully lot of money to be awesome.

I just hope she doesn't turn into another Kournakova. Sharapova- that would be ok.
mbills1015 says:
First of all celebrity only produces backlash when you perform poorly. Noone would have anything bad to say about Ms. Wie if she played well. The problem is... she stinks in men's events. In fact she is only getting worse.
Why don't you tell the PGA tour member who has a family to support that she gets to play because she is "beautiful and elegant" are you kidding me? That shouldn't matter at all. Her golf is what should matter. And her golf currently quite frankly just isn't good.
When you say she doesn't need to win it sounds like a soccer mom who tells her child that it only matters if you played hard. Wins and losses at the professional level are how everyone is judged. If Michele Wie doesn't win on the men's or womens tour eventually people will stop caring.America only cares about winnners, her looks and elegance won't matter if she doesn't produce results! She needs to either strap on her man pants and make a cut or play for a few more years on the LPGA and develop her skills.
golfgirl says:'re not getting my point. I'm NOT saying the situation is "fair". It's clearly not "fair". But you know what? Life isn't "fair" and that's why Michelle Wie is able to do what she does. I know from first hand experience; life rewards a beautiful woman for just walking into a room. Is that "fair"? I think not, but that's the way it is. Right? --->
golfgirl says:
Mr. Klangdon, you ask, "If she isn't playing to win, why is she playing?" First of all, as I said, we girls don't have that "must win" thing that you guys do. Winning is great, but it's not everything for us. There's learning, there's having fun, there's ...just being there. Maybe that's why she's playing. Now, should she be allowed to indulge herself this way while hard working PGA guys watch from the sidelines? Ideally no, but again, our society is what it is, and she's taking advantage of that. Regarding getting more out of playing with men, I said, "she's getting much more in every way (other than winning) from playing with the men", meaning: publicity, money, exposure, endorsements,...inclusion on TIME magazine's list of the "100 people who changed our world". I don't think you can deny the validity of my statement in that sense. --->
golfgirl says:
And to Mr. Mills, who says "Why don't you tell the PGA tour member who has a family to support that she gets to play because she is "beautiful and elegant" are you kidding me? That shouldn't matter at all. Her golf is what should matter". Again, I'm NOT saying it's fair, or good, but it's the way it is. She's ovbiously bringing something to someone who matters, or she wouldn't be allowed to be there. And you're right, if she continues to flounder she won't be there for long. But for now...she's taking advantage of the package she has.

To my mind the most significant points that emerge from this discussion are A) life's not fair and that's not Michelle Wie's fault it's our society's fault and B, Women have a different type of ego than men and Michelle Wie is just not that devastated by her repeated losses.

Whether you agree or not it's useful to have both a male and female perspective on this. Right?
Kickntrue says:
I agree with your last line whole-heartedly. Thanks so much for sharing your points and not backing down from these guys.

Now- everyone go visit her site.
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