Harrington Could Break Par With Old Clubs
By Kickntrue on 8/11/09
In a fun test- Padraig Harrington agreed to be tested with 50 year old clubs to see how different they really would play. Golf Magazine put the outing together and the results are pretty interesting. Harrington thought the biggest change would be in rainy or wet conditions because of the size of the sweet spot on the irons being so small, but in general he thought he could adjust.

Could he compete with today's players using old clubs (with them using current technology)? - No. Could he break par? Absolutely.

I wish they would've had more time to see him actually go out on the course and play a round or two with them- as everything was done on the range with monitors, but still, very cool.

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k-von says:
Do Wilson's new clubs even use current technology? Zing! I think most people under-rate both how effective old clubs are when you get em right and how advanced today's pros are. I would love to see them take this concept and form an actual "Classic" event.
Kickntrue says:
@knj- that's a great idea. I'm not sure the top teir guys would do it- for fear of "messing them up" but it'd def be fun. Maybe in November or December when it doesn't matter as much. Maybe just a super foursome skins game. Can you imagine Tiger, Jack, Phil and Watson playing old equipment in skins game. man.. can somsone get those guys on the phone. i bet if they say yes- i can find a sponsor or two.
mjaber says:
Sounds like a fun tourney for the 2nd season. Everyone plays with clubs from a specific year, or era. Even better, they have to borrow the clubs their dad, or grand dad learned with. : )
Lerxst says:
There is a tournament that is "Classic" style, but its not PGA, and they play with old hickory shaft clubs and gutty balls (Foxburg Hickory Championship). It would be cool to see that as some sort of off season professional event.

bducharm says:
I have a persimmon driver and a set of 1968 Wilson Staff irons. I am going to play my club with them and see what happens. I will report back on how I do. Unfortunately I do not have golf balls from back then (luckily)...
eggdog17 says:
wilsonstaff really isn't that bad. dropped like 10 strokes with CI7 irons. good stuff for a great price (if you do some searching online). recently bought their fybrid woods, doing a lot better, but still getting used to them.
whomsley says:
Harrington is the man. First the Happy Gilmore swing and now this. He is a guy who knows how to have fun.
Shankapotamus says:
I would expect the change in equipment to be less significant for a great player like Harrington than it would be for the average player. Many of the technological enhancements have been made to create and enhance "game improvement" clubs. Paddy's blades look very similar to the irons from '59 when placed side by side in the pictures but the average amateur's irons would look drastically different.
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