Golf Looking Good For 2016 Olympics
By Kickntrue on 8/11/09
It looks like golf and rugby are the leading candidates to be the new accepted Olympic sports for 2016. Rugby... fine. Golf... not so much.

I really think people are making a mistake here. It may be a success in 2016 because all the big names will show up- but after that- who's going to bother playing? I'm all for golf- just not the way it's been proposed. If it were an international team game of some sort- it could be fun- but it's just going to be a normal old event. Who cares?!

So Eldrick will have a 33% chance of winning and everyone else much less. Golf just isn't the kind of sport featured in the Olympics where the best in the world prove their domination. It is very likely that the podium could be filled by 3 complete unknowns because they played better that week. Name another Olympic sport where that can happen.

What is the IOC going to think after golf has made this big push to be in the games- and then in 2020 everyone decides to stay home because why would they travel half the world to break up their summer (directly before or after the PGA Championship) to play in a golf tournament with no purse and the grand prize of... pride.


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mjaber says:
I think the Olympics should go back to being what it is supposed to be... an Amateur competition. No more pro athletes competing in their sports. No pro basketball players. No pro golfers. Let the kids play. And, I agree, let's make it a bit more diverse. A Rider Cup format would work well. Add in a 4 day tourney of combined stroke/match play, and you've got some intrigue.

I know we'll never remove pro's from the Olympics now that they are there, but having a Ryder cup style team tourney would add a lot of intrigue... at least in my mind. If there is only going to be 1 tournament of stoke play, I'd like to see it played on 4 different courses- 1 each day. This would allow for the most complete test of a golfer.
joepro23 says:
If Tiger playing is the only way to get people interested, I don't see this working out too well after 2016 either. Tiger would be age 44 in the 2020 games, and I don't see him being the same Tiger we all know then. He did say at the PGA press conference today he'll play if he qualifies and he's not retired by then.

As for the format, I think they should do teams of 2 golfers from their respective countries and have a bracket style tourney with match play and best ball. Then add a 2-4 round individual stroke play tourney at the end. Plenty of countries can be represented well with two-man teams and even if not too many American care, they can still field a few solid teams.
skirchner says:
I agree with Joe, This should be a team event with two two player representing each country. The format should be three diferent events 1) Two man best ball 2) two man Alternate Shot & 3) two man scramble. Jsut my thoughts and it should be amature plays from around the world not professionals. That is how you would get young men and women interested in golf.
skirchner says:
Or a second Idea is how about mix two person teams from each country for one of the competitions. Say a stroke play for men and women and a two person (mixed) best ball tournement.
Kickntrue says:
@skirchner- you had me with the first idea- but mixed isn't going to work. it'd be fun for a tv event but not Olympics. There are no other sports that do this. that's the key i think for Olympics- it has to be in the spirit of all other Olympic events which to me means either team sport- or an individual sport where best get to shine (shouldn't be something where someone completley random can win without it being worldwide story). Plus- really- why does golf need 1 more thing?! It is huge sport-- Why can't softball or one of these other sports get 1 week in 4 years in the sun?
bducharm says:
I'll take Tiger at 44 and you can have the field - he'll still be in better shape than most of the 20 year olds!!!
tennesseeboy says:
If they add golf to the Olympics, I think they need to duplicate what they do with Olympic swimming and give out like 40 metals. That way Tiger Woods would have a chance at breaking Michael Phelps gold metals record. Phelps won gold for swimming normal, upside down, and with his arm flailing this way and that and for doing each at different distances.

I'm thinking stroke and match play on a 4000 yard course, 5000 yards, 6000 yards, left hand play, right hand play, 9 hole, 18 hole, par 3, etc.
kidputter says:
Making golf an Olympic event will NOT bring in the younger crowd. Golfers who play at the elite level want to get PAID. All athletes competing at an elite level want the money. The ones who don't get the big check are in sports where the big check is not available. They need the world spotlight to get the endorsements. That's how they get theirs.
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