Brooklyn Discovers Mini-Golf
By Kickntrue on 8/12/09
A mini-golf course will be constructed in Columbus Park and will feature holes that honor the Brooklyn Bridge.
A six-hole Brooklyn-themed golf course designed for celebrations of the Brooklyn Bridge's 125th anniversary last year will be set up for several days in September.

"Minigolf is kind of a craze these days," said Michael Burke of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, noting that artists in Bushwick successfully turned a vacant lot into a miniature golf course this summer. "It draws a lot of people."
I have a couple questions. Before that though- let me congratulate Brooklyn on discovering the "mini-golf craze." My question though, if mini-golf is so hot, why would you only build 6 holes? I wouldn't walk 2 blocks to play 6 lousy holes of mini-golf. Everyone knows it takes at least 9 holes to play out a good series of bets. Heck- you hardly start pressing with 6 holes! Plus- how many people can play at one time on a 6 hole course? 24 by my count. This is Brooklyn, New York, not Brooklyn, Idaho!! (It exists, I checked.)

It just baffles me... oobgolf should get into the mini-golf business. I know we wouldn't have a lousy 6 holes.


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KVSmith59 says:
someone should build one using the 18 hardest real golf holes.....
blackhawk says:
I think they have a regular course in Las Vegas that has 18 holes duplicating world famous holes from St. Andrews and others.
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