Where To Be Unproductive Today
By Kickntrue on 8/13/09
While I think most would admit the PGA Championship doesn't have quite the same allure as other majors- it's still worth wasting a day online. Heck- I'm going to try to waste two!

If you can't get in front of a TV (TNT HD), or are like me and can't wait until 2pm to see live golf- check out these links.

Online Live Video
Live Leaderboard

And for real time wasters... 1st Round Pin Locations

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mjaber says:
Major #4... still no Shot Tracker. Grrrr. It's the only thing that the corp. firewall let's through. No streaming.
Kickntrue says:
Great video player by PGA.com... terrible execution. I've had choppy video all morning- can't keep a clear picture for more than a minute or two.
SingleDigits says:
are Tiger & Paddy keeping up with the group in front of them? :)
Eric Duquene says:
the video is clean no stutter but the audio keeps falling out of sync.
ForeKris says:
I plugged my wife's laptop into my TV/stereo, and I'm sitting on the couch job hunting with my laptop... ain't technology great!
Banker85 says:
my feed is perfect! i love my job i am watching golf today and will be at an outing all morning tomorrow and getting paid! does that make me professional i mean i am making money while golfing?
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