Spending Time In Big John's Pants
By Kickntrue on 8/13/09
... At least I find myself funny! Here's a pretty funny link to a story of a guy (Toby Mergler) who spent a week in Loudmouth Pants- you know the crazy ones John Daly wears.

The highlights for me are the guy getting his girlfriend hit-on right in front of him, and totally understanding as well as the mention of a new bar in DC I MUST check out. Nine holes of mini-golf in a bar called "H Street Country Club?" THAT'S how you mini-golf, Brooklyn!

Seriously, I know we have DC people around here. If anyone wants to check it out with me... hit me up with a private message.

Full Story
Loudmouth Golf

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Clint24 says:
Those pants look like he got them straight from Daly.
falcon50driver says:
I always heard that golf was invented so white guys could dress like that.
bducharm says:
I LOVE my Loudmouth Golf shorts!!!
kidputter says:
My GRANDFATHER dressed like that on special occasions in the 60's and early 70's. I thought we were over that.
Tim Horan says:
What a great article! I recall back in the sixties having garish, gaudy and great loons (wide flared trousers). They probably were just as good ice-breakers...but maybe I was too stoned to notice. Anyway I love the new threads...JD is as always an inspiring golfer, exciting on and off course and I wish him all the best.
Lerxst says:
That was funny and well written. Thanks for the laugh!
norm_pyle says:
I love it. I want some!
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