A Fan's Perspective Of Hazeltine
By Kickntrue on 8/17/09
It's not hard to find stories of the PGA Championship and Y.E. Yang's amazing win, so here is a look from a blogger/fan in attendance.

Oh- a crazy fun fact that doesn't have a good place to go so I'll put it here- the Wanamaker Trophy weighs 44 lbs!! That grimace of struggle from the champion- is REAL.

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lazorbeam says:
Why didn't Tiger putt out first to let Y.E. have his moment without interruption?
mantajim says:
Because t. woods doesn't know how to lose gracefully. Another example. One rule of proper etiquette on the green we would all agree to is you don't step on someone else's line. When t. woods is acessing his chip onto the 18th green, he walks to the left of the pin and steps directly on Y.E. Yang's line. TV cut to Yang at that moment and he bows his head and gently shakes it. I could almost hear his thoughts, You are an arrogent American, but, I just beat your ass.
mantajim says:
Another example. Proper etiquette says that you wait until your opponent has putted out before leaving the green. This is especially true for tiger, with his fans fawning to their hero with little respect for his opponent. On one of the early teen holes with the green surrounded by bleachers(not sure which one) t. woods putts out and then walks off before Yang putts out. As he leaves his fans turn, clap and cheer him on his way to the next tee. Yang has yet to finish his putt. Pure arrogance.
chadmicheal07 says:
all i know is that the PGA needs to come to Minnesota more often cause we always show up with great numbers!
BK88 says:
The beginning of a new era! TW tried to steal Y.E.'s moment, showing his true colors and arrogance. Good on RoSK and Y.E., a true gentleman and better golfer.
ToddRobb says:
mantajim, it's amazing,, even with Tiger losing you still found the ability to focus on him enough to even notice everything you said. Just think of all the energy you could save if you didn't hate Tiger so much. I found myself feeling really good about Yang when he won, his celebration seemed genuine, and at that time the last thing I was thinking about was Tiger's poor etiquette. Dude,, let it go, you're missing one hell of ride.
norm_pyle says:
ToddRobb got it all right. Course etiquette is important yes, but Y.E. Yang is the story, so let him have it.
mantajim says:
Oh, I was on Yang's side the whole time and I didn't miss a thing. Being rude and arrogant simply has no place with someone as GOOD as Tiger. I DON'T HATE tiger, so, PLEASE don't put words in my mouth. He is such a good role model for young golfers it's too bad he can't control his behavior.
blake_p says:
My thought on this as I watched it was that Tiger was moving to putt first but Yang was about to address the ball and didn't really give him the chance. And I thought the smile Tiger had on his face when he watch Yang celebrate after he sank the putt on 18 showed that he was genuinely happy for Yang winning the way he did. Tiger flat out got out played and he knew it.
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