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By Kickntrue on 8/17/09
Tiger may have lost yesterday but the season he's having is ridiculous. It's kind of funny to think of Tiger seeing 2009 as a lost season (with no majors) considering he has 4 PGA Tour wins and is leading the season-long FedExCup by over 33% over 2nd place. I don't think he'll see it as consolation, but Tiger is certainly the front runner to win the $10M playoff for the 2nd time in 3 years. He's played in only 11 events while 2nd place Steve Stricker has played in 18 and 3rd place Zach Johnson has played in 21.

This is the first time in 5 years that Eldrick Tont Woods did not win a major.


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SingleDigits says:
Tiger's actually won 5 tournaments this year: the Palmer, the Memorial, AT&T National, the Buick Open & the Bridgestone but it certainly does still feel sour that he didn't win the PGA.
furrier says:
He won the week before each of the 1st 3 majors, then both weeks leading up to the PGA Chmpnshp, but couldn't win the "big hardware".
perlguy9 says:
Major or not, I think winning 3 weeks back to back is asking a lot.
sridharp says:
i agree on that, there is too many parameter thats on golf to win, unlike other sports. winning two week in a row and domination for three day in 3rd is a bing deal, but its TIGER, never expect less.
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