Melt The Wanamaker
By Kickntrue on 8/18/09 (I know you've seen all the annoying ads on tv) put out a press release on how much the Wanamaker Trophy would be worth melted down.

The 27 pound trophy (I've seen other reports saying it's 44 lbs. but frankly, 27 makes a lot more sense) contains about $5,500 worth of precious medals- the most of any golf major trophy.

As much as the ads bug me- and as much as people have to know they're getting ripped pretty good to do this- I've got to hand it to That's pretty clever to figure this out and get their name in new places. I guess I'm a little surprised it's not a higher number. I know sterling silver is no gold, but only $5k?


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Backquak says:
cash 4 gold wouldn't make any money if they actually paid you what the precious metal is really worth, I've heard they pay about a 1/4 of the true value, but I think its alot less. how much does the scaled down trophy weigh that the player gets to take with them??? I heard the commentators talking about it the other day, what was it 3/4 scale? somebody's got to know
falcon50driver says:
Gold Price Close Today : 934.30 /ounce.....27 lbs = $ 403,617.60
Silver Price Close Today : 13.971 /ounce.....27 lbs = $6,035.47
HowToBeATrueGolfer says:
Haha. Yes, that is very clever. Thanks for sharing, I haven't seen this anywhere else.
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