ShotLink Coming To A Major?
By Kickntrue on 8/19/09
The PGA Championship run by the PGA of America may be adopting the PGA Tour's ShotLink technology. Considering most average golf fans think these organizations are all the same thing- I'd say this is a good idea. Thank goodness, too. None of the 4 majors have any kind of online tracking capabilities that are even comparable. If you can't watch live video at work or your location- there is absolutely no way to follow the action until the score updates live on the leaderboard after each hole.

Heck- oob can do that!

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mjaber says:
That would be nice, since the "Live Leaderboard" on the PGA Championship website was horrible. The "customized leaderboard" did not updated correctly for their position in the standings.
mjaber says:
I wonder if there is anyway to give more info on Shot Tracker. I'd love to know what club they hit. Would be a nice bonus. :)
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