Tiger To Play With Obama
By Kickntrue on 8/21/09
So it looks like Eldrick and Barack may be playing some golf together soon. My question- who is this a bigger "honor" for? I guess I'd argue it's still a bigger honor for Tiger Woods to play golf with the current President of the United States. Still- I think you could make the argument the other way- and the Q-Rating for the match has to be off the charts. I'm not sure you could pit a bigger duo.

I think it's safe to assume if you're a regular old Joe you can expect to not be able to travel anywhere within 100 miles of the golf site- believed to be Vineyard Golf Club in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

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mjaber says:
I wonder if they'll just shut down the ferry to the general public, so that the only way you can get out there is if you have a house there.
Changed out says:
I wonder how many strokes he's giving up?
jerdman says:
Well I'm jealous. Is this the real reason he ran for president in the first place? It only seems like a matter of time as he moves down the celebrity list that he'll end up partying with Paris Hilton.
Kickntrue says:
This is a good sign of this being a true story. Tiger will be in the neighborhood next week- sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=4413811
ayparekh says:
Whats next? A movie with Megan Fox? Either this President seems to get away with whatever he does or the other presidents' were foolish not to spend tax dollars like this. Is there a budget committee that audits expenses for personal benefit? or Maybe his agenda with TIGER is to refund the money he took from BUICK over the years. Anyway, I guess, Im just venting coz cant do sh*t about it.
jm32 says:
I've seen both their swings. I'd be afraid the President's might rub off on me.
kidputter says:
This event should be publicized, televised, broadcast world-wide and all the revenues should go to pay for something being cut from the budgets.
Shooter McGavin says:
It's a bigger deal for Barack. There's been 40+ Presidents. Eldrick is one of a kind.
jwilder78 says:
Nice one Shooter, I like that analysis. I'm a fan of Obama, but I agree completely! There's only one Tiger.

Also, anyone out there who thinks that Obama is just fooling around and wasting "precious budget resources" by playing a round of golf, I don't think you've seen very many US Presidents. Almost all of them have been golf addicts, this is no different.
falcon50driver says:
So how's the hopey changy thing working out for you?
ipv6freely says:
Working well, so far. Sure beats what could have been... yikes!

Anyway, that's awesome that they will be playing together. It's nice to finally have a president who is a personable guy and not an epic douche like Dubya was... I mean really... who would want to play golf with that guy?
ayparekh says:
@Jwilder - nothing wrong with a being a golf addict. However playing Tiger on one of the most expensive golf courses in this country.....that is more "celebrity" like rather than "presidential" like. and yes, this will cost a lot more than a normal round of weekend golf he has... its one thing to enjoy your perks and another to take advantage of them. that was my simple point considering the times we are facing ahead. just offering a different perspective.
mjaber says:
I heard on the radio this morning that there are no plans for Obama to play with Tiger. They stated that it was a rumor, and nothing more. I think there's a good chance it will happen anyway, but I guess you never know...
C-4 says:
Please dont hate my golf brothers! The first black president and the best golfer ever, who happens to be black getting together to play the hottest sport in our community....wow and its not basketball!..not to mention meeting at a place where blacks probally were not allowed! is it the end of the world..some make think so...I believe it is the begining of a new era. But Im sure this can be turned into a bad thing for some, but it will not change the change.
BK88 says:
How about skins with National Heathcare on the line. So much for overexposure.
muppetman says:
so you guys think tiger/obama are actually paying to play this golf course? lols
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