Can You Get Excited About Solheim Cup?
By Kickntrue on 8/21/09
I want to be pumped about the Solheim Cup but it's hard to get excited about world team golf when the best team isn't invited. The event pitting the USA's best female golfers against Europe's kicks off today with Four-Ball matches and and then afternoon Foursomes.

The big news of the event is probably Michelle Wie and how she plays along with the European team trying to celebrate a victory on US soil- which the USA team did last time around in 2007.

Of course- my issue is... With no Asian team (or team South Korea) it's kind of hard to see this as a true international championship.

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mjaber says:
They had something about this on The players' feelings is that they need to have another "cup" similar to the President's cup on the men's side. Their thought was the "First Ladies" cup. I think it's a good idea.

I think a better idea is to create a new format on both the men's and women's side. Break it out by continent. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa. Sure, there are format issues with having 5 teams, but I think it would be the best way to do it.
Banker85 says:
SingleDigits says:
So a continent-based match would be interesting. Would Australia form it's own team? I guess that would put Lorena Ochoa on the Americas team. Maybe it's moot if golf goes into the Olympics.
mjaber says:
@Single- Thanks. That rounds out to 6, unless you lump the Aussies in with Asia. I don't know why I missed Australia. Sorry, Australia.
jbird899 says:
Just cant get into watching the ladies play. There is only so much golf I can watch before I have to jump in the car and go play. Would rather be teeing it up or even practicing before I set aside time to watch womens or even seniors golf. Just not the same for me. In person would be different, but on TV its the PGA or nothing for me.
erickbelus says:
Are you kidding?! We get the opportunity to watch the colossal team of Laura Davies and Becky Brewerton. The colossal is in reference to their collective ability and is in no way making light of their size....
Torleif Sorenson says:
@erickbelus (above) makes a good point. SingleDigits, I have the feeling that Olympic golf will be medal play, and there's a delicious tension in match play that makes team events more fun for me to watch. I wish it at least some of the Solheim Cup could be on network TV; some of us cannot afford cable right now. Golf Channel *is* an appropriate medium, and with apologies to the Champions Tour, I'd rather see the women than them in this case.

About a decade ago, my thought was that if the Solheim Cup were going to stay a two-team event, it should be North America vs The World, not just because Se Ri Pak and other South Koreans had emerged as players, but also so that Lorie Kane wouldn't be shut out just because her birth certificate says "Prince Edward Island." Having thought and re-thought how four teams would play instead of just two, I still think an Americas vs. The World would be the best format. If the organizers ditch match play, they take away a huge element of the competition.
cjgiant says:
I'd rather watch some of the top women golfers in the team format over a bunch of men I could care less about. Especially watching some of the shots Wie and Kim hit today. Rooting for my country's team adds a little, of course.
jwilder78 says:
I must be really sinking into golf degeneracy, b/c I found myself watching this for quite a bit today. Does that qualify me for automatic oobAddict status?
onedollarwed says:
enjoying, yes
fhsbaseball21 says:
girls sports suck no matter what
ipv6freely says:
I prefer LPGA over PGA, mostly because then it's not simply Tiger this, Tiger that. Not to mention the ladies are on Twitter, and I've actually talked to a few of them. That helps, when you can root for a "friend".
KVSmith59 says:
I watched the highlights just now. The women made some pretty awesome shots that I wish I could duplicate. Plus, I'd rather watch them bent over reading a green than John Daly....
onedollarwed says:
The competition - like the eveness - is great. I could watch a killer game of tiddlywinks if it's competetive. I'm so sick of the NFL and the like - who knows what they're playing for (to make highlight reels, for endorsements, for themselves mostly.) And no, I don't care because of country, or weepy themes about players' personal struggles. Still one of the most scintillating sports I've ever seen has been women's olympic table tennis finals. Freaking intense!
My favorite sport to watch is rugby, and the world cup second round and beyond is awesome. Live rugby even D1 in USA and USA superleague is great. Believe me these women in Chicago rocked!
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