Golf Riddle
By Kickntrue on 8/22/09
If a star wins a golf event- and nobody watches or cares, did it really happen? Sergio Garcia is trying to solve this riddle this weekend at the Wyndham Championship. Round 3 was suspended by darkness with Sergio tied for the lead. Sergio's 2009 has been almost completely silent but a win the week before the FedExCup begins can't be a bad thing. Just think- a win this week, a 2 more in the next month- and he could win $10M.

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ToddRobb says:
He's not going to win anything until he fixes his putting.
notyourdata says:
Wow... He just didn't make everything happen the last round. Shame he lost the #1 spot by one stroke.

Putting avg: 1.917
GIRs: 67%
Fairways: 64%
Backquak says:
Did you see him play sunday??? It was like he expected a bad break or a bad hop or something. He lost that one in his head. I think he may like himself less than his critics.
ronphoto says:
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Who or what did he blame for his loss?
jrbizzle says:
Poor Serg. Never really liked this guy. Got a chance to attend the PGA last year, saw him hit his tee shot on #2 (par 5) into the fairway bunker. Gets in the sand, hits it out and into the greenside bunker. Starts cursing and hitting his bag with his club, then storms off. Couldn't have made me happier, just confirmed what I already thought.
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