By Kickntrue on 8/24/09
Hey Europe... our woman can beat your women at golf! (ZING)

Team USA won their third consecutive Solheim Cup this weekend outside of Chigago, Illinois. Tied going into the 12 singles matches on Sunday- the USA charged ahead winning (keeping) the cup by a final score of 16-12.

Surprisingly, the best player for the USA was Michelle Wie who had a record of 3-0-1 for the weekend. I watched a couple hours of action and she appeared to be the best player on the course. So what did this weekend have that no other Wie weekend usually has...? Separation of Parent and Kid. Bo and Moe Wie were told to get out of Camp USA and let Michelle be a part of the team.


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Patrick McKay says:
I need to come out and say that Christina Kim needs to learn some manners. She was a terrible sportswoman and incredibly annoying the entire Solheim cup. I hope she doesn't get invited back.
mjaber says:
I didn't see much, but I did see Wie's 2nd into the 1st par 5. Her opponent had just stuck her second within about 10ft. Wie came back with an almost identical shot. Phenomenal play.
onedollarwed says:
A very flamboyant event - both in body and spirit. I wonder if the women were told to (or decided to) whoop it up to create viewer appeal. I can see why they would be excited. Is this building off of Ryder Cup antics? Does it improve ratings? Probably.
The NBA went too far - nearly miking trash talk. NFL curbs almost all fun antics with few exceptions (like Chad).
I think there smack down golf would be the evolution - god knows the pressure players feel and usually need to keep in check. What is Vince McMAnn doing? Can see it now, the XLPGA. What will people not do for money?
mjaber says:
@onedollar- If Vince got into Women's Golf, there would be free "enhancements" for everyone. Seems he does it for all the women in the WWE.
erickbelus says:
I am all for them getting fired up, it IS a team event after all and they were on home turf. That said, Christina Kim's antics were a bit much. There were several occasions that she went back to repair her spike marks from dancing around. With 4 groups behind you, a little more care should have been taken ON the greens. Pumping up the galleries is OK, but wagging your butt at your opponent is uncalled for.

Personally, I liked Laura Davies being given condolences for halving her match. Apparently she HAS rubbed some people the wrong way.
Tim Horan says:
The antics and pumping up the galleries was a display of everything that is not golf. As was the last Ryder Cup. Having said that team America were the better side this last weekend and the GOLF was as exiting as any other event.
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