Belt Buckle Bonanza
By Kickntrue on 8/24/09
One of the least known and most intriguing golf feuds of the season is a belt buckle rivalry between Anthony Kim and Bubba Watson.

I guess AK hasn't been wearing his buckle this season and it all seems to stem from some comments that Bubba Watson made last year when he showed up with his own "Bubba" buckle with $25,000 worth of Sapphire and Diamonds.
In an interview with Golf Digest, Bubba said, GÇ£Anthony KimGÇÖs got nothing on me. This is the real deal.GÇ¥

For those who know Bubba, heGÇÖs a bit of a goofball and was clearly joking. But apparently AK was miffed. Now, according to sources, he wonGÇÖt even acknowledge Bubba after that statement. In other words, AK is acting like a teenage girl whose friend showed up to school with a cooler outfit than hers.
Awesome! Another great find by one of my favorite new golf bloggers- Stephanie Wei.

She should be pretty happy tha Ryan Moore won yesterday in a playoff. When you start to read through her blog- she has way too many Ryan Moore posts in relation to his golf skill level. They are clearly buddies- but some of the pics she has suggest Moore (I'm so punny). I'm calling it right now- Stephanie Wei is dating Ryan Moore.

Wei Under Par

[Update- In a classic case of writing before reading- I saw on Stephanie's own blog that Ryan Moore is dating his caddie. That does not appear to be Ms. Wei. Still- they are probably buddies. Frankly- she looks cute- and is smart and writes for some pretty cool sites so I'm guessing he could do a lot worse.]

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Kickntrue says:
I own 1 belt buckle- that I got at a western themed outing... I still can't figure out how to get it on my belt. Still- an "oob" belt buckle would be awesome. If we made them- would anyone want one?
mjaber says:
When is there going to be a feud between Ian Poulter and John Daly about crazy course colors?
twood says:
Bring on the OOB belt buckle, but it better be big and obnoxious!
greendevil says:
I'd take anything oob: shirts, hats, belt buckles; it's all good to me. How about golf balls with an oobgolf logo? If you guys are looking for an advertiser, feel free to throw this stuff my way.
oobscott2 says:
as long as it doesn't cost me 25,000 dollars. If you can put together one with fake diamonds and sapphire for 25 bucks, I'm game. A lot like my fake J Lindeberg belts
whomsley says:
I am in for a link at the top of the page so I can purchase oob swag.
Eddy Whitaker says:
i'd get it...
woobwoob says:
My group is tossing around getting a large belt buckle to pass around to whoever wins the round. Title Belt A Go-Go!
munk24 says:
That would be cool
jrbizzle says:
Belt buckle bragging rights is cool. My Dad and I play for an old persimmmon Wilson 4 wood that he played with through the 80s before giving me his set when I was about 14 years old. That and the driver are the only two clubs left from the set, everything else broke or was handed to another golfer. My Dad has held the 4 wood for a few rounds now and it's killing me.

Me and my buddies just started the Goodwill hideous green jacket tradition. I won the first, anging on my garage wall and my wife hates it.
oobscott2 says:
hahah thats great
i do a lot of golf shopping at goodwill. i love ridiculous golf outfits. for me, its half the fun of playing the game. where else you wear a bright yellow belt?
or red pants? or plaid? list goes on and on
munk24 says:
Heres my belt buckle and shoes for Music City Ryder Cup
itsherbiz says:
Hi- if you're interested in designing an oob belt buckle let me know!
check out some examples at
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