FedExCup Playoffs Begin
By Kickntrue on 8/24/09
... Do you care?

I'd argue it's more interesting that Tiger is secretly playing with Obama sometime this week than the actual first event of the FedExCup playoffs. Of course- with Tiger committing to play in The Barclay's this week- it does add instant credibility and automatically make it a strong field and worth watching. Of course- because of the new points format for the FedExCup- Tiger can't win the whole thing until the last event anyway- and his lead is so big- he may not bother showing up again until then.

What I'm still really stuck with for the FedExCup- is if the PGA Tour actually wants a playoff system where the person playing the best in the playoffs wins- or if they are looking for a season long champion. Based on all of their tweaks- I'm not sure they know either.

The most interesting event of the rest of the 2009 season may end up being in China- where Y.E. Yang has committed to play in the HSBC Champions event along side Tiger, Phil, Sergio and others. I'm not sure what time I'll have to get up to watch- but seems like it would be must see tv- especially if the tournament committee is smart enough to put Yang and Tiger in the same group.

FedExCup Preview

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Banker85 says:
ya i think its cool, but they have changed it now 3 years in a row. It would be nice to have it like a playoff were the person who is playing better those 4 weeks would win. I am not sure about the last event being a huge deciding factor. it should be fun to watch though. hopefully a close race.
nolongerhere says:
IMHO, you did not have to check the regular PGA Tour events to get a picture of FedEx Cup standings. Which made them quite dull. Events like Majors and WGC were quite important. This is not the case with the European Tour and the Race To Dubai, where it's quite thrilling to watch players, standing outside of the spotlight, steadily gather important points for the end of the season event.
E-Man says:
I would compare the FedEx Cup to the NCAA football 'championship' game: fun to watch but not really that meaningful compared to other championship events like the Superbowl or Stanley Cup. Let me know when they figure it out and I might pay attention.
Kickntrue says:
@E-Man... gotta disagree with the NCAA comment. While I get your point and totally agree the BCS is messed up- that has WAY more excitment and meaning than the FedExCup. As messed as BCS is you will remember champion down the road. I'm guessing most couldn't name the two FedExCup champions there have been- and they are about the two easiest guesses you can make.
mjaber says:
I kind of like Vijay's idea. The season long tournaments determine who makes it in, and then you cut based on position for each tournament in the playoff.

This would prevent players from skipping a playoff event, and also make it a much stronger test. Can you play at your best for 4 straight weeks?
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