oobgolf has Tadd Fever
By Kickntrue on 1/17/07
We aren't ashamed to say we've got the fever... the Tadd Fever! We figure this story will eventually die down, so we should milk it for all it's worth. Personally, I think it's fantastic and could read about it for another month. Long story short, Tadd Fujikawa went back to school yesterday, and was treated like a rock star. Awesome!

Do you have "Tadd Fever"?

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klangdon says:
So does his making the cut quailify him for any other PGA events or does he need sponsor exemption to get in? Be cool to see him play again...
Kickntrue says:
Pretty sure he needs to either qualify or get a sponsor's exemption. He qualified for the Sony Open, in local qualifying.
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