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Tiffany Joh- Thank You!
By Kickntrue on 8/25/09
Well- I'm not sure there is much left for us to accomplish with oobgolf at this point... now that a professional golfer has written a song for us.

A couple weeks ago we harassed Tiff Joh- a Duramed Futures Tour player and soon to be (hopefully) LPGA'er, into writing a song for us. I'm happy to report that's she's delivered. It really is a great moment and all oober's should be proud. Never in my life did I imagine a song being written about the site- and never in 10 lifetimes would I imagine the word "gynecologist" being used multiple times. While most people make the jump on "oob" to "out of bounds," it takes a true visionary to relate it to a visit to the "OB/GYN."

Seriously- Tiffany, thank you... and please folks, click on the link and check it out. Spend some time on her page- she offers a lot of fun insight into the life of an up and coming player- and some of the highs and lows of what it's really like to be a pro golfer chasing your dream.

oobgolf's song by Tiffany Joh

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klangdon says:
awesome. i seriously hope this girl gets her card next year, she deserves to take her golf game and singing to the next level...
jerdman says:
haha. she mixed it up and went with the piano. and she covered the big question i was wondering, why it is oob with the extra o. then turned it funny. nice tune
falcon50driver says:
You guys have finally made the BIG TIME
Josh says:
So incredibly awesome. #1 she has a great voice. #2 she relates it to a visit to the gynecologist which confirms a lot of what I've suspected about Andrew for a while now.
greendevil says:
Nice job Tiffany. I too hope you get your card very soon.
bducharm says:
WAY FUNNY - don't hear too many songs that reference a OB-GYN in them!!!
falcon50driver says:
Josh....not that there's anything wrong with that.
onedollarwed says:
Perfect! Shameless! Unsentimental!
Mookie says:
Do you think gynecologists really ever get tired of it.
Mookie says:
Really, the song is great, and she sounds as if she has a wonderful sensayuma. And a sweet voice.
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