Breakfast of Golf Champions
By Kickntrue on 8/26/09
I don't know if this is funny/interesting/gross or just plain stupid. It's a little of all of those actually, so...
The director of Snohomish County Planning and Development Services was fired last week after an independent investigation found that he had exposed himself to a woman during a golf tournament in June.


According to the report, Ladiser drank two drink glasses of Jack Daniel's after he arrived at the Golf Club at Redmond Ridge and continued to drink heavily as he played in a foursome that included Michael Pattison, government-affairs manager for the Master Builders.

Witnesses said two nearby golfers were discussing tee length and one, the woman identified in the investigation as Jane Doe, held up a tee to Ladiser's foursome. Ladiser then walked up to the woman, unzipped his pants and said something to the effect of "I'll show you the size of my tee," the report says.
I mean... Mr. Ladiser kind of caught a bad break here. Every time I use that line the ladies love it. What a prude!

On the flip side- this is great news for me. I think I'm going to apply for Ladiser's job. He was "director of Snohomish County Planning and Development Services" which doesn't seem like that big a deal to me, and was pulling home $150k/yr from the taxpayers. How hard can that job be?

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Banker85 says:
thats why i dont drink on the golf course!
Kickntrue says:
@jessehunt85- true- but this is another level... you'd be in the same trouble if this happened at a bar.
jimithen says:
Jessehunt85: are u saying that if you did drink on a golf course you would be more inclined to pull out your "tee" and show it to a bunch of strangers. Come on people, drunk or not, some things remain engraved in your brain as common sense.
Banker85 says:
maybe... JK no way! i dont drink on the course because i play awful even a lil buzzed.
JCaus says:
i tend to play better after a few beers
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