You pay a lot to golf with this view.
Liberty National Is Ridiculous
By Kickntrue on 8/27/09
Liberty National, site of this weeks Barclays is the most expensive golf course ever built costing $250M. They have to make that money back somehow, so it' costs $500k to join and then of course yearly dues on top of that. Forbes has a fascinating article on how and why it was built- along with some insight into the land it's on and how belongs to the club.

The link to Liberty National's official website is worth checking out just for the opulent overuse of Flash throughout- but especially on the hole by hole views.

Forbes Story
Liberty National - Official Site

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colinw says:
I am proud to play the Bob O'Connor Public Course in Pittsburgh with it's multiple shots over the major road that cuts through it, and it's breathtaking views of the University of Pittsburgh and Downtown skyline. All for 15 bucks. ANd it's refreshing to see kids from all walks of life enjoying the course and learning that sometimes the greatest joys of this greatest game are "playing it as it lies." I'm really not trying to sound like a hippie on this one, but I am just a bit turned off by the whole feel of this. Fed Ex brings you a contrived championship built by Reebok and in view of the scene of the biggest greed scandal in recent history. Now throw in the fact that we will be inundated by views of that most sublime of American imagery, and its enough to make a head shake. This course and mindset, I fear has the intention and ability of dragging the game away from the "huddled masses". Preaching over. Just a thought.
activesense says:
Looking at the Lady Liberty pic they should put a 'Quiet Please' sign in her hand for the tourney. Or a 'Please do not shout IN THE HOLE' sign.
greendevil says:
Yeah, $500k to join is ridiculous. Doesn't Augusta National require the same amount of money to join?

I'm excited to watch the Barclays to see how well the pros play here.
Lee Kuehner says:
But but but.... the only reason I watch golf is to hear the gallery of seasoned golfers shout "Get in the hole!" when Tiger is teeing off on a 600 yard par 5.
activesense says:
At least the seasoned golfers are not wearing their "I'm with stupid ->" shirts and waving "Look Mom, I'm on TV" banners....yet.
greendevil says:
Watched coverage of The Barclays last night. Wow! Liberty National looks like an extremely tough course. There's no way I would do well on that course; too tight for me.
c5agalb says:
How soon we often forget early golf in this country. Watch "The greatest Game Ever Played' which highlighted the eliteness and money involved in golf. The wealthy are drawn to this game and bring their money with it which is a good thing. Not many muncipalities can or would do something like this. Private Enterprise alone can create something like Liberty National or Pebble Beach ($500.00 around). What a great legacy of a new course created here.
Banker85 says:
I think its fantastic that they turned toxic waste into a golfer's paradies. Even though i will never play there unless i win the lotto still good to see. Lost Marsh GC in Hammond, IN did the same thing. Turned a nasty area into a championship course with awesome clubhouse. Kindy pricey for me but mere pennies compared to Liberty National.
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