Rudy's Boy Is A Winner
Giuliani Wins First Pro Event
By Kickntrue on 8/28/09
It saddens me to have to post this, because I still think he's a punk, but Andrew Giuliani (not pictured), son of Rudy (pictured), won a Pro golf event. Sure the Met Open isn't a big deal these days, but previous winners include Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen and Byron Nelson, and the fact is a win is a win, and a $27k check isn't so insignificant that many oobers would not decide to cash it.

If you're not sure what the big deal is- Andrew Giuliani was kicked off the Duke golf team for throwing temper tantrums and being an all around punk and he tried to sue the school for killing his potential ambitions (I don't think that was the legal terminology used, but you get the idea).

Giuliani is getting ready for the PGA's Q-School in Florida.

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Eddy Whitaker says:
typos galore
Kickntrue says:
@eddy- funny- i read everything before i post... but ya.. that was real bad. i think i got the worst offenders. i'm sure an english teacher would still question some of my sentence structure
dpoimboeuf says:
Someone of his temperment will probably end up curled in a ball and sucking his thumb after dealing with Q-School pressure!
mjaber says:
Wasn't he going to be on "Big Break"?
dlouder says:
Yeah, he's on Big Break 'Disney Golf', which I think debuts in October.
scooter8 says:
oh please big break disney ??? wish the producer would stop those cut forward where the players comment on there shots & is it me or do they all act so stuck up ...that private country golf style ...hate it hate links rock...
cheymike says:
Too bad the punk has won ANYTHING to gain him fame. He thinks he deserves special treatment because his DADDY is somebody. That makes him, son of daddy. Gee, aint that special?
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