What Are Your Other Hobbies?
By Kickntrue on 8/28/09
Where I'm from- most avid golfers are also hunters and fisherman. I don't know if Boo Weekley would be their favorite player- but it seems to be a similar audience; people who like outdoor activities with some disposable income. Still- when I think of golfers as a general body, I don't relate them at all to the hunter/fisherman type.

So tell me- what are your other hobbies besides golf? What else do you do with your time and spend your money on?

Myself... I'm not a hunter. Never done it in my life- though I have plenty of people willing to try to get me out. Honestly- I don't do much else. If I'm not working on golf with oob- I try to play golf. The rest of my free time is spent watching tv and holding my kid.

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ForeKris says:
other hobbies!?!? why do i need other hobbies?
Banker85 says:
dont have time really for anything else w/work,family,golf... i like to smoke pot, does that count? probably not it is more like the opposite of hobby. pot=lazy people.
flemingmike says:
well, up in toronto, if it didnt snow like crazy golf would be it. but to keep myself busy during the winters, i golf indoors on a simulator to keep my swing in good rhythm and play some hockey.
PingRhoda says:
The only other hobby I have is playing games whether it be board games or video games. But for a majority all my time is going to work, wife and/or kid.
Kickntrue says:
@Ping- I forgot video games... I guess because I haven't played in awhile. But that is def a hobby of mine outside of golf.
Bryan K says:
I like to read during the winter...play golf in the summer. Since I like to play golf every day, that doesn't leave much time for anything else.
eggdog17 says:
basketball and other sports, hiking, videogames, eating, snowboarding, sleeping, working out, movies. theres a lot to do outside of golf. Easily pass on any of those, and more, to play a round though.
bjoern says:
I playing board games and strategic games. Also painting miniaturen for the stratetic games.
guzzlingil says:
Colleg football....and we are now a week out...
activesense says:
2 kids and 2 stepkids. Is that a hobby? I am as bad at writing/playing music as I am at golf, but thats what keeps me busy through the snow covered winter monthsin Minnesota.
southping says:
I am a basement rockstar . I play bass guitar . Other than that I play some video games and watch The Golf Channel and putt in the basement waiting for the snow to melt.
falcon50driver says:
Are you thinking about a new website? That might work, oobdragracer.oobscubadiver,oobphotographer,oobpilot,oobmachinist,oobblackjackplayer.
Matt F says:
I fish and am also looking at getting back into motor racing. That was my #1 back in Australia. (I didn't play golf then)
onedollarwed says:
don't forget oobbrag.m2d
swick14 says:
gsturrock says:
Golf is my "other hobby". I enjoy playing golf with friends, but track and field and the triathlon are my two primary extracuriculars. My handicap is evidence.
windowsurfer says:
GBorn says:
If I had another hobby my wife would kill me! lol. I wouldn't call my kids a "hobby", but my extra time and money goes toward their interests.
onedollarwed says:
Does a beard count as a hobby?
cvargo says:
poker and fishing!
puttnut says:
Me and a group of other old farts get together once a week and music (I play the bass, 'cuz I can't read music) mostly oldies and blues tunes. I also goto the indoor range a couple times a week to keep my crappy swing from getting worse. Maybe this is the year I'll take a couple lessons.
k-von says:
I'm lucky to be able to play pickup games of baseball with friends twice a week. It's cool because it sometimes keeps me from also playing golf those days and saves a couple dearly-needed dollars. What's weird is that I think golf has helped my pitching mechanics much more than my swing.
puttnut says:
It would be nice if I knew how to complete a sentence huh? We PLAY music.....what a dork.
greendevil says:
I've played softball every summer up until this year (decided to join a golf league instead). I play basketball during the winter. I like to play Tiger Woods golf on the Wii during the winter also since I can't get out and golf.
sigmapete1 says:
Golf in the spring, summer, and fall and skiing in the winter. Other than that work pretty much takes up most of my time.
skirchner says:
Well since golf is not a hobby, it is an obsession!! I guess my other hobbies are riding my motorcycle, hiking and hunting. But I spend the majority of my free time golfing!
KVSmith59 says:
Bass Fishing....I'm also currently addicted to Texas Hold em on facebook...
mjaber says:
I write (been working on a book for a number of years. I'm thinking of switching to short stories), I've got my Digital Rebel (I love my camera), I play paintball on occassion (the only hobby I have that is more expensive than golf), Cards (poker, rummy, cribbage, 45's), PC games from time to time
ibashdaily says:
It actually works out perfectly for me. The guys that I golf with on a regular basis are also the guys who are on my bowling team, so as soon as it gets too cold to golf, our bowling league is right around the corner. We also like to get a poker game going every once in a while.
woobwoob says:
Poker, Reading
Mookie says:
Turning beer, wine and liquor into urine.
mschad says:
The "Whos Hobby House" sign is from a store where I live, in Rapid City, SD.... small world isn't it.
My other hobbies/sports: motorcycle, bowling, and someday again I hope, remote control airplanes.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Aside from desperate job-hunting in a sour economy? Cycling (can't afford to drive), writing non-fiction (usually music reviews), and playing music (cello and six-string bass).

@mjaber, I've been working on a piece of Christian fiction lately - I'd like to hear from you offline about your work.
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