Slocum Comes Up Clutch
By Kickntrue on 8/30/09
In a year that seems to be choke job after choke job- Heath Slocum TOOK The Barclays on Sunday with a -4 final round a 20 foot par save on his 72nd hole. I'm happy for Slocum- mostly because he did go out and win the thing with his steller play so I feel a little guilty telling you I was rooting for him to blow his last hole. How crazy would a 5 man playoff have been featuring the likes of Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington, Ernie Els and Steve Stricker, who all tied for 2nd at -8? What would they even do with a 5-man playoff? Would they go off as a fivesome or in 2 groups?

At any rate- it was a pretty great start to the FedExCup, though I'm sure the PGA Tour had to be rooting for the same thing as me. Tiger still leads the FedExCup by a large margin over 2nd place Steve Stricker- but with the points reset and award for winning- Heath Slocum jumps the whole way into 3rd. Stricker's strong finish could change some decisions for Tiger on how many more of these he plays... though that would be assuming he cares about the FedExCup at all.

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greendevil says:
Doesn't the winner of the Fedex Cup win something like $10 million? Who wouldn't care about winning $10 million? Winning the Fedex Cup is the ultimate win on tour and I'm sure Tiger has the desire to win it more than any single tournament.
greendevil says:
By the way, congrats to Heath Slocum; he played extremely well on Sunday. I too admit that a five man playoff would've been awesome. I was hoping for the same thing.
Banker85 says:
i think we were all hoping for the playoff! Tiger has to want to win it... If anything it shows who is the best player that year we all know who that is. I hope Tiger ends up playing all the tournaments if he dont Stricker might take him over with his consistent play, the guy just doesnt make many bogeys.
blackhawk says:
I also was hoping for the 5 way playoff. But congrats to Slocum for the win. I also like that Padraig birdied the 18th to get into the logjam.
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