UK Courses Ban Women Caddies
By Kickntrue on 8/31/09
As golf looks to gain support for the 2016 Olympics- some courses in the UK are using that fact to EXCLUDE more people. Okay- so maybe that is slightly misleading, but it is the truth. Eye Candy Caddies is a service that provides (hot) female caddies to hire for your loop who are trained by golf professionals in etiquette and golf rules. Each female caddy must sign a code of conduct where clear boundaries are drawn (basically saying it's not an escort service).

The golf clubs have a different opinion.
Leaderboard said the service was not appropriate for a game that has been selected as an Olympic sport.

A spokesperson for Leaderboard said: "Anyone who seriously cares about the development of the game should work to ensure that it is as professional, inclusive, and culturally inoffensive as any other major sport.

"Exploiting outmoded notions of golf as a male bastion is not 'just a bit of fun' - it damages the reputation of the sport as a whole as well as its appeal to members of the younger generation of either sex."
Blah Blah Blah. Look- I've seen some of these services advertised (maybe on this very site) and some look pretty sketchy. Eye Candy Caddies is managed by a woman and if the rest of the pieces are true (code of conduct and knowledgeable of the rules) then who cares?! If you're drawing that line- I hope you're beverage cart drivers aren't female, young and attractive, because I'm not sure that exploitation is much worse. Plus the end users know what they're doing when they hire and pay the prices these caddies want. It's not like the women aren't signing up for it (please do not read more into that than it means- I don't think women "ask for" harassment, or worse).

On the plus side.. Eye Candy Caddies has more exposure than they've ever had before. Their website clearly can't handle all the traffic being sent from today's top story on

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Banker85 says:
that is pretty cool... dont know if i'd pay for it but maybe my boss will hire them for our next outing!
c5agalb says:
Somehow I bet the hot caddies have more on then many female olympians in other sports, say beach volleyball?
Kickntrue says:
@c5agalb- NO DOUBT. I still can't believe they (beach volleyballers) get away with wearing what they do playing a "respectable sport." It's pure exploitation that funnels the whole way down to high schoolers or worse.
Nethmonkey says:
get away with? aren't there regulations regarding the outfits they wear!
C-4 says:
There is too much money revolved around the sport of golf for it not to be an olympic sport...Tell these undercover pervs to quit when you shank it off the tee because you were looking at my caddie...make sure you yell...."whoooore"
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