Perv Alert - Now At Your Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 9/1/09
From today's Atlanta Journal Constitution,
A Jonesboro golf pro who lives in Peachtree City was arrested for child exploitation Sunday after attempting to meet a person he thought was a minor.

Barry Loman, 45, was greeted instead by federal agents. He had driven to northwest Georgia for a rendezvous, arranged online.

GÇ£This is beyond our comprehension,GÇ¥ said Sherry Hamilton, financial officer of Lake Spivey Golf Course. Loman was named Lake SpiveyGÇÖs head pro in March 2008. GÇ£I canGÇÖt wrap my brain around it.GÇ¥

She described Loman, who has three children and two grandchildren, as a devoted family man; GÇ£His teenage son works here,GÇ¥ Hamilton said.
This sucks. There are pictures of Loman online but I decided against posting them- not because he doesn't deserve it, but because there were other innocent people in the pictures with him. Seriously, what a tool.

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Bryan K says:
Way too many unsupervised kids on the golf course.

I like kids. I like golfing with them. I get nervous, though, when there is an 8 year old waiting for a ride by himself at twilight. You get to know people pretty well on a golf course, and child predators get off on that sort of thing.

When I see this...I tend to sit and wait to make sure that whomever the child is expecting is there to pick him/her up before I will leave. The last thing we need is for golf courses to become known as havens for predators.
mjaber says:
We need to bring back some old forms of punishment for these tools. I vote for public flogging for this guy, and since he is a golf pro... use a putter.
dlouder says:
@mjaber - I think that is light. I'd say take the course 'hole-cutter' and put a 4.5" hole in a specific area.
mjaber says:
@dlouder- I like the way you think.
activesense says:
@dlouder - i am sure 'Bubba' on block D of the prison he goes to will put a 4.5" hole in a specific area.
TaylormadeGolfer says:
@activesense- that was the funniest thing ive heard all day hahahaha mad my day. thanks.
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